Recently, Alumia_Italia via page Twitter shared a new leak regarding the Microsoft PC Manager application which will reportedly function the same as CCleaner.

Now more or less it looks like in the picture above, where the PC Manager application is indeed similar to CCleaner, where we can clean up junk files, temp files, and even check whether there are threats in the system that we use.

But there is something quite controversial for users, namely there is an option browser protections which feature will force users to use Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Microsoft PC Manager is still in beta status

For now, there is no information whether this application will be present as default apps on Windows OS or not, but of course we hope that this application is an application that we can install and download optionally.

Why?, because basically the features presented are not too important to be presented to everyone, especially if the device used is already powerful enough and has a very large storage size.

But, if you want to try, luckily there’s already a download link, and if you want, you can go ahead Download Microsoft PC Manager from page following.

Via : Italian Alumia


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