After yesterday we got that information Busy Option Coming to Microsoft Teams for End Usersthis time specifically for Outlook for Mobile users including Android and iOS will also get an increase that will be present next month.

Now one of these improvements is the presence new email forwarding featurewhere later Outlook for Android users can send e-mail as an attachment to another email while writing, so with that we don’t have to commit anymore forwarding several emails one by one, where we can send them all at once as attachments.

Apart from that, still for Android, later there will be information and cleaning options storage if storage e-mail had almost reached its limit.

On the other hand, for iOS users, next month will bring new options that include upgrades customizable in compose toolbarso that later users can easily write emails with this access.

How would the above features seem useful right, especially for you Outlook users on Android and iOS, but as usual, the general availability date is out, that could change, which means Microsoft could delay these changes until the next few months if things don’t go according to plan their plans.

via: Microsoft


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