Some time ago, WhatsApp users found that the application they used could not send messages, where when sent, they only got a checklist of 1, even though at 12 this afternoon, this application was still running well and without any problems.

Regarding this, unfortunately there is no information and confirmation from WhatsApp, but what is certain is that this problem does not occur in one region, but occurs in several countries, namely America, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

On Twitter itself, #WhatsAppDown is now quite popular and has become one of the trends on Twitter.

The downfall of WhatsApp, until this article was written, has been counted for almost 1 hour, and of course quite a lot of users are affected by this service error, especially if communication in work is done on WhatsApp.

For this reason, until communication via WhatsApp runs normally again, users can use other messaging services such as Telegram.

So did you find the same problem? comment below guys.

The article will be updated if there is additional information. Thank you


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