In accordance with Microsoft’s weekly schedule, just yesterday Microsoft released a new build for Windows Insider Dev Channel users where the build that was released was Build 23493. Interestingly, starting from this build, a number of new features were introduced.

What are the new features? The following WinPoin summarizes what’s new in this build:

Windows Copilot

Yep, as Microsoft announced at the Build 2023 event last May, Windows Copilot has finally been officially introduced and users can try starting Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 23493, where with Windows Copilot, users can access AI technology like Bing Chat which is now directly integrated with Windows. 11.

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Windows Copilot itself will be available as sidebar in section right Windows 11 screen, where you can interact with Windows Copilot whenever you want.

Regarding this feature itself, currently there are a number action what you can do where you can enter the following commands in Windows Copilot for further processing and implementation by Windows Copilot.

  • “Change to dark mode.”
  • “Turn on do not disturb.”
  • “Take a screenshot”
  • “Summarize this website” (Active tab in Microsoft Edge)
  • “Write a story about a dog who lives on the moon.”
  • “Make me a picture of a serene koi fishpond with lily pads.”

Well finally, Microsoft really expects feedback from Insiders about this feature, and if you have tried this feature and encountered a problem, you can report an issue via icon “…” in the upper right corner to provide feedback.

Home Page in Settings App

In accordance with the rumors previously reported, finally the Home page in the Settings application is now available and users can start using it.

Now the appearance itself is like in the picture above, where there are a number of parts in the form card with a number of different menus including:

  • Recommended Settings : Where this section will adapt based on user habits where this will save and speed up user access to a number of settings that users used to access before.
  • CloudStorage : This section will display CloudStorage that are still available in the user’s account.
  • Account Recovery : This section will help you to add information recovery additions to your account.
  • Personalization: This section will allow users to easily adjust the appearance of the Windows 11 that you are using.
  • Microsoft 365: This section will display brief information about the Microsoft 365 subscription that you have.
  • Xbox : This section is the same as the Microsoft 365 section, which will display subscription information from Xbox Services.
  • bluetooth : With this section, later users can easily connect Bluetooth devices with one click.

Now the Home section can be likened to Quick Access on a number of Settings pages, including on a number of additional services including Microsoft 365 and Xbox. Interesting right?

Backup and Restore

Just as announced in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23466, in this latest build Microsoft is bringing improvements to the new Backup and Restore feature in Windows 11, where Backup and Restore now supports more applications.

"This build extends support to even more types of apps. Users will now see pins for their desktop app restored on the taskbar and Start Menu, including desktop apps that were not installed from the Microsoft Store. " ungkap Microsoft. 

In addition, if the application is not available in the Microsoft Store, the user will be redirected to a page later website application to then download and install the application.

Additional Archive Format Support

As we know, we previously reported that Microsoft would be adding a number of additional archive file support, including RAR, TAR and others.

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And in this build, now we can open and extract a number of file formats below without having to install other additional applications.

  • .tar
  • .tar. gz
  • .tar. bz2
  • .tar. zst
  • . tar. xz
  • .tgz
  • .tbz2
  • .tzst
  • .txz
  • rar
  • .7z
  • And more!

New Volume Mixer Experience in Quick Settings

Microsoft is now updating the Volume Mixer experience in the Quick Access section of Windows 11 by presenting a new, more modern look, where you can also set Quick Customizations of Audio per application.

So, as shown above, you can also access this new Volume Mixer with the Keyboard Shortcut Win + CTRL + V.

Other improvements

In addition to the above, there are a number of additional improvements including Suggestions on Snap Layout, improvements to a number of applications including File Explorer, Dev Drives, Task Manager, Taskbar and Search, for more details you can see the changelog on the Microsoft page. following.

So, the new build is quite interesting and brings a lot of changes, right? To get this build, Windows Insider Dev Channel users can simply go to the Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates page and then download and install Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 23493 which is available there.

But keep in mind guys, some of the new features that are present in this build can still be said to be raw and unstable, so you might get a number of problems and bugs in it. So have you tried this new build yet? comment below guys.

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