A number of last week we got It’s a surprise that after nearly 17 years, one of the popular file hosting services (Zippyshare) has decided to close their service.

Now for those who don’t know, Zippyshare reveals that they are facing financial challenges that are difficult for them to overcome, where currently there are quite a number of Adblock users which of course reduces ad revenue which is Zippyshare’s main source of funds and income, besides that because more and more similar file hosting makes the traffic of this service is getting worse and to the point of causing them to lack funds.

Another reason that was revealed was also because of the significant increase in electricity costs, where the increase was up to 2.5 times which of course made Zippyshare’s operational costs even more burdensome. You can see information about this on the WinPoin page following.

Time flies and now we have entered the beginning of April 2023, exactly one day after the promised day of Zippyshare arrived. Where now the Zippyshare service is completely inaccessible and even the official page itself has made an announcement like a tombstone for their service.

Additionally, on page zippyshare.comthey also provide some of the best alternatives for those users who want to get the best free file hosting services, such as Mega, pCloud and Pixeldrain.

So for those of you who previously didn’t have time to back up data, unfortunately there’s nothing you can do now, considering that the Zippyshare service has officially ended. So once again, I personally thank Zippyshare because this service provides maximum download speed and no limitations. Honestly, I really like it, even though sometimes we are often thrown with annoying Popup ads.

What do you think? comment below guys, and are you a Zippyshare user too?


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