As we already know, previously Microsoft introduced Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 23493 where from this build Microsoft introduced a number of new improvements including the presence of support archive format new includes RAR which users can now open and extract without the help of additional applications as before.

So in the meantime, RAR itself may already be well-known as an Archive format which can be said to be quite good at compressing a file, especially the application behind the RAR format itself (namely WinRAR) is an application with a 40-day Trial but runs forever.

And regarding RAR support in Windows 11 itself, what is the opinion of WinRAR?

Now, as in the Tweet that you can see above, WinRAR is of course very open and even welcomes the changes that are coming to Windows 11.

Native RAR Support is Only Limited to Extract!

A little extra regarding this new feature of Windows 11, please note that this native RAR support only includes Extract support only, and not the ability to create new .RAR files like what WinRAR can do.

So in other words, even though Windows 11 can open RAR files directly, the WinRAR application is still needed if users want to create and perform compressed files in .RAR format.

Now regarding WinRAR, are you a user of this application too? comment below guys.


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