There are a lot of new features and capabilities revealed in the latest Windows Insider Dev Channel Build 25300, besides what we can activate snap layout experience new and even the ability to create virtual hard drives in Windows 11 Settings, it turns out that there is a new setting that will most likely be added to the latest version of Windows 11 later, namely presence sensing .

With options (presence sensing ) this, the user can later set when the OS and applications can access presence sensingWhere presence sensing this will work setting Windows to commit autolock, wake And dim devices.

Now for this feature itself, actually I’m also still confused about what it means presence sensing what is this for, and are there any special hardware requirements?, considering that this feature itself has not been officially announced by Microsoft

Apart from that, can this feature be used to access and find out attendance user when in front of a screen or what?, if so then of course this will be interesting, so for example when we are in front of a screen, the screen will not lock or automatically dim, similar to caffeine or espresso extensions if we activate it on Mac and Linux, but once again, of course this feature is still a rumor and its presence is not clear besides it has already started being tested on the latest Windows Insider Dev Channel 25300.

So, have you found this option? if not already this option is located on the page Settings > Privacy & Security > Presence Sensing, if not you have to activate this feature via ViveTool, meanwhile, what do you think about the presence of this Presence sensing option? comment below guys.

Via : Albacore (Twitter)


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