Yesterday we got Death Stranding for free on Epic Games, although it did initially cause the Epic Games server to explode, but that’s the end repaired and allow users to seamlessly return to accessing the Epic Games Store.

So today, there is another game that you can try, titled FIST: Forged In Shadow Torches, this is a game released in 2021 with a battle theme that looks quite interesting to try. If curious, here is the trailer.

How? interesting isn’t it?, about these games, on normal days, FIST: Forged In Shadow Torches has a price of around IDR 249,999, but now you can get it for free through the Epic Games Store.

As for the minimum requirements, this game isn’t heavy, it’s enough with the specifications as shown in the following picture, you can play this game smoothly without any problems.

How? interested in playing games FIST: Forged In Shadow Torches?, if so, you can immediately claim this game before 11 pm tonight, please go straight to the link following.


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