As usual, according to Microsoft’s weekly schedule this week Windows Insider Dev and Beta users have received a new update which of course brings a number of improvements in it. Let’s focus more on discussing Insider Beta, in this Insider version, the update presented is update KB5027311 which will change the OS build to 22621.1906 and 22631.1906.

Yep, in this update the Insider Beta version is still divided into two different builds, 22621 for builds with new features that default to Off, and Build 22631 as builds with new features that default to On.

Then what are the improvements presented in this update?, now specifically for Build 22631.1906there are quite a lot of improvements presented, including the following:

  • There is the ability to hide time and date from System Tray Windows 11 via the settings page / click on time and date in the system tray > Adjust date and time.
  • There is an option “Diagnose network problems” on the right click on the icon network.
  • Then there is a change in Network flyouts on the Windows 11 Lockscreen which now comes with a very Windows 11 style appearance.
  • Then there was a change notification Windows Security (Firewall) which now comes with a Windows 11 style appearance.
  • There is support to do bridging adapters via Command line use command netsh.
  • Then advanced properties For Network adapters and internet properties is now present in Settings > Network & internet > Advanced network settings.
  • Then there is the ability to view saved wifi passwords on the page Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi > “Manage known networks”.
  • Then there is option additions to the page Data Usage which allows daily/weekly data limits.
  • Then there is an option to join the Bluetooth Personal Area network on the page Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Devices .
  • Right-clicking on a Win32 application in the Start Menu or Windows Search will display the options Uninstall and will be directed directly to the Settings page.
  • There are additional settings for wheel devices like the Surface Dial on the Windows 11 page which is now made more consistent with the Windows 11 design style.

Apart from that, for both builds 22621 and 22631 there is one additional fix, namely this update fixes a compatibility issue. The problem occurs because of using an unsupported registry. Then there is one known issue, namely when activating the option hide time and date in the system tray will display O’clock in the System Tray while setting the option to Off hides it.

Well, let’s get straight to it, instead of being curious, you can try this update by downloading the KB5027311 update from the Settings > Windows update page, make sure you have enough internet quota, and give your opinion about this update in the comments column below.

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