Are you a Phone Link user? If so and moreover you are a Samsung device user, of course Phone Link has a myriad of special and exclusive features which can help increase your productivity.

Now regarding Phone link, did you know that in Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25284, the Phone Link application version 1.23011.73.0 already got an interesting improvement, where now Phone Link has its own widget in Windows 11.

If you are already using that version on your Windows Insider, then when you want to add widgets in Windows 11, there will be a Phone Link option there, just like in the following picture, guys.

With this Widget, of course users can more easily and quickly get notification information from a connected cellphone, even with that we can also see a number of important information including battery, Wi-Fi, Mobile Network and others directly from the Widget.

How interesting isn’t it? Unfortunately, for now, the Phone Link Widget is only available to selected Windows Insider Dev users, but it’s certainly possible that in the next few days all Insider Dev users will be able to get it.

Will you like this Widget? and are you a Phone Link user? comment below guys.

via: @PhantomOfEarth


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