Some time ago, Mozilla released Firefox version 109.0.1 for all users on both the Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, where with this version there are a number of improvements presented and one of them includes an important bug, namely fontrendering bug on Windows OS.

Regarding the bug, some Windows users may find their Firefox browser not displaying fonts properly, which is what this is caused by bad rendering In some configurations, you can see this bug itself in the code (bugs 1803154).

In addition, a number of other bugs have been fixed, including a fix for the issue that caused it authentication request can not appear, problem on size checkboxes in the developer tools inconsistent and so on.

So with that in mind, for you Mozilla Firefox users, it’s a good idea to make sure that your Firefox has been updated to version 109.0.1, you can check the Firefox version via the page Menu > Help > AboutFirefox.

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