As we know, Microsoft has launched Outlook for Windows as a preview for Insider users, where the application is usually called Outlook One or Project Monarch.

But other than that, Microsoft is also still updating the Outlook application for Microsoft Office, especially Microsoft 365, where for that version, Microsoft has finally updated the appearance of the application in the style of Windows 11.

As in the picture above, the Outlook application (Microsoft 365) now brings a look similar to the Web version of Outlook, which certainly makes this application more consistent in terms of appearance from various platforms.

In addition, as part of the design change, the Ribbon Menu column, Dynamic Calendar has also been updated and adapted to the current view, which is neater and more modern.

Quoted from page Microsoft officialthis change is now rolling out to Insider users, where with this change, it is rumored to bring a refreshed display, more consistent across all platforms and better than before.

For those of you who are Microsoft 365 subscription users, you can update the appearance of your Outlook application by joining via Office Insider and then you can switch views by clicking on the “Try the new Outlook” option on the top right side of Microsoft Outlook.

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