An interesting piece of information for you Microsoft Edge Canary users, where Microsoft recently announced that they will be doubling updates and sending two daily updates for Edge Canary instead of the current one.

For those who don’t know, Microsoft Edge Canary is one of three testing channels that Microsoft uses for users, where this version is the earliest and most unstable version where major bugs will probably be found more often than the Dev and Beta versions.

And with the release of two updates per day, Microsoft says they will take advantage of this feedback which is faster than Edge Insider users and allows Microsoft to deliver code faster.

Of course, the increasing number of updates means users will have to restart the browser more often, but Microsoft says that users can use Edge Canary without restarting for as long as they want.

Only valid for Windows version

This change is said by Microsoft only applies to the Windows version of Microsoft Edge Canary, where the Linux and Mac versions will not get two updates per day.

Regarding this, of course there will be pros and cons about it, but what do you think? comment below guys

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