Recently Microsoft announce that they have released Edge WebView2 for Windows 10, where this component will enhance the experience of modern applications, including applications that are present in the Microsoft Store.

Regarding Edge WebView2, actually Microsoft itself is actively creating applications using the platform, such as Office Apps based on Microsoft Edge Chromium.

And for those who don’t know, the WebView2 Runtime itself is already present in Windows 11 by default, but in Windows 10, WebView is still using the first version which has now finally changed.

Speaking of the WebView2 Runtime on Windows 10, this version will be available starting on Windows 10 2004 or later, and according to Microsoft, this feature will require a minimum of free disk space because all files will be connected to Microsoft Edge.

If you’re curious, you can learn about this in the documentation page the following.

So what do you think? comment below guys.

Via : Microsoft

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