The method of deleting credit information online is quite complicated. but still can Data deletion is done so that irresponsible parties do not misuse it due to data leaks.

Because if there is harassment, you will have to get more complicated because your identity can be guaranteed to other P2P parties, so you have to pay off unprecedented debt. Of course, this would be extremely dangerous.

So, even if you’ve already dealt with your online loan, You can request deletion. Later there will be no harassment. Here’s how to remove credit information online.

1. Pay off debt first

The first way to do this is You must pay off all your loans. including principal and interest as well as fines if you pay late. Know How to check loan debt online And make sure there are no loans left.

This will make it easier to delete credit information online. Because it means discipline in paying debts. Therefore, there is a good relationship with online credit service providers. There are no problems or disputes that make him hesitate to communicate with each other.

2. Contact the service center to delete your data.

The next way to do this is after you’re sure you’ve paid off your debt or you feel like you’re out of a loan but are still being charged illegal online loan providers. The way to do is to contact the call center to delete data.

Indeed, misuse and data leaks are some of the online credit risks that must be considered. But you can prevent this by deleting the data. in order not to leak any more information. and you can rest in peace

contact online customer serviceSubmit your complaint in case of violation. and ask customer service to delete all data. You can also apply for data deletion only. If you are worried about future abuse

3. Deleting All Online Loan Application Data

If you’ve reported it but are still unsettled with your data. Or are still being charged for illegal online loans? You may be able to delete all information in an online loan application.

The steps for deletion are as follows:

  1. First of all, open the settings on your smartphone.
  2. If the setting is on The next step is to choose ‘Application Settings’
  3. from a large number of available applications Keep searching until you find the online loan application you are using.
  4. Next, you can clear the data by selecting ‘Clear data and cache’
  5. The data has been deleted, you can rest assured.

Above are the steps that can be used as a method to delete your data from the mobile phone. Indeed, the risk of harassment still exists because a party can be held. P2P company Storing elsewhere is illegal. But this can be done as a precaution.

4. uninstall online loan application

Another way to be able to delete your data is to uninstall Apply for a loan online from your mobile. By doing this, P2P companies no longer have access to your mobile phone that shows your identity. gadgets.

The method is quite simple, just press pop-up application on the home page and options will appear, for example, select Add to front. and delete the application You can choose the third option, Delete or uninstall application.

That way, irresponsible data violators can no longer access all the data on your mobile. to make the spread of information smaller

5. SIM card replacement

So that there are no traces, then you can replace the SIM card with the aim of so that, for example, with an irresponsible illegal online loan, he can no longer contact you. Even after that he will distribute your cell phone number. The other party still cannot contact you.

Changing the SIM is one of the most effective ways to Contact HP safely from illegal borrowing..

Automatically, the information about the phone number will be deleted as it is no longer in use and cannot be reached. This is still quite effective if you continue to be harassed by illegal online loans that disrupt your activities.

No payment is required, especially for illegal online loans.Because illegal online loans will only move online. onlineTherefore, they will rarely come to your house. As long as no communication continues, they will not continue to threaten you. and maybe just looking for new victims So don’t worry too much about it.

6. Disable All Social Media

At this time, in order not to spread information quickly. Close all social media. So that no information contained in your social media is found by illegal online lending companies.

as much as possible Disable all social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. And make sure there is no information posted on social media that makes illegal online debt collection contact you again.

But if there are still terrors and threats You can disable it permanently. To avoid further misuse of your credentials in the future. for social media You can recreate it later.

7. Reset the phone

Another way is the information in gadgets No fragmentation or data leak is a mobile reset. Resetting the phone lost all data. even important information

In this way, if the scammer wants to hack a cell phone. He won’t find any information. therefore safer This can be done if there is a violation that really bothers you.

Resetting the phone means restoring it to after the factory. So that there is no additional data to be hacked which causes the leak. The data has been deleted successfully and there are no further violations.

Here are 7 ways to remove credit data online that can be done. as much as possible without pressure Avoid using online loans because the risks and dangers of online loans are very bad if not used wisely.

If the deletion is unsuccessful and ID card violation as well as terrorism and obstruction bills, reports to the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Submit applications to block illegal loan applications to the Investment Task Force, which is responsible for illegal applications that frequently commit fraud and misuse of debtor’s credentials.

You can contact the Investment Task Force through the Financial Services Authority (OJK) official website at www.ojk.go.id or via email at alert [email protected] can contact at whatsapp 081-157-157-157 Or OJK staff can contact at number 157

Once again, it is wiser to use online loans. Don’t let their use hurt yourself and people close to you. Report immediately if identity is misused by an irresponsible person and stay alert!


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