Besides Microsoft releases Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22621Microsoft also released a new build for Insider Dev Channel users, and now it is no longer the same Build as the Insider Beta but the latest version which is planned to be a follow-up project of Sun Valley 3.

This new version itself is planned to be released in 2023 later and will be Windows 11 23H2, and of course because this is a New Build, there are a number of new features also introduced in this Build, which include:

The presence of Suggested Actions, where when you copy a phone number, for example, Windows will offer a pop up and offer the user about the next action to be used.

In addition to the phone number, when the date is copied, it will also offer different actions according to the application that supports it.

Apart from these new features, there are a number of improvements that are presented to some of the main features of Windows 11 itself, for example, such as improvements to Narrator, and a number of improvements that you can check in the following changelog:

  • We updated the icons in the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) on this build.
  • Updated the underlying speech platform to improve voice activity detection for voice access, live captions, and voice typing, as well as address some issues with how punctuation is recognized.
  • Fixed an issue related to loading the system tray icons in Settings > Personalization > Taskbar which could cause Settings to crash when opening that page recently. This issue may have also led to some explorer.exe crashes for impacted Insiders.
  • Fixed an issue leading to Insiders seeing error 0x800703E6 when copying files from Google Drive.
  • We made another change to help improve the performance of loading Home.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had ever opened the context menu, doing CTRL + ALT + DEL and canceling would lead to explorer.exe crashing.
  • Fixed a sporadic explorer.exe crash when closing File Explorer windows.
  • Fixed an issue where if Settings suspended, it could lock up explorer.exe in certain cases.
  • Improved how Narrator reads out remaining space available in System > Storage.
  • Fixed some issues related to access key use in Task Manager, including that you weren’t able to directly press ALT + without first releasing the ALT key, and that displaying the access keys wouldn’t work after having used and dismissed them.
  • If the CPU reaches 100%, the CPU column header should no longer unexpectedly become unreadable in dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue which could result in Smart App Control unexpectedly blocking correctly signed applications.
  • Addressed an issue which was leading to Memory Integrity unexpectedly getting turned off in some cases after rebooting.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Update Stack Package to show install error 0xc4800010.

Well, because this is a new build as well as the first version for Windows 11 23H2, of course not many new features have been introduced, and you need to know, because this is a Build for the Insider Dev Channel, so it is possible that there will be other new features that will be introduced but it is possible that the features will not be released to their final version. This is in accordance with the new provisions for the Windows Insider Program which you can read in the following article: Program Insiders Get New Logos and Terms!

So have you updated your Windows 11, Insider Dev Channel?

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