One of the important parts of the operating system is its security, and Microsoft in its Windows operating system continues to try to improve the security of the system they develop, after quite a long time increasing protection from malware using Microsoft Defender, now it seems that Microsoft is starting to improve the security of the system. brute force attack in Windows 11.

Quoted from page Bleeping Computer, Now, Microsoft is taking action by allowing IT Admins to configure Windows systems to automatically block the action brute force targeting the Local Administrator account.

This upgrade has only been introduced since cumulative updates October 2022 which was just released yesterday. By going through this update, you can now activate Allow Administrator account lockout on group policy editor, which is more precisely located in Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Account Policies > Account Lockout Policies.

Quite interesting, because Microsoft does not provide any information in the changelog cumulative updates this month, but it’s certainly an interesting upgrade you can get.

Now when activating the feature, Microsoft also recommends enabling other options below: Account Lockout Policy: Account lockout duration, Account lockout threshold, and Reset Account lockout counter after.

Once activated, when there is behavior from brute force, the system will be locked for 10 minutes when 10 failed login attempts.

Now with the increased security of the brute force method that usually targets local accounts on Windows systems, then this is certainly a good thing, especially for enterprise-class laptops that are quite sensitive to the data content in it.

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Via : Bleeping Computer


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