Earlier this month, Microsoft released Update KB5017389 For Windows 11 22H2 where the update will bring the Build OS to 22621,608, now regarding the update, some time ago, Microsoft re-released the update with a few interesting changes in it, where finally a number of new features were released for Windows 11 Build 22621.

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Yep, for those of you who are now using Windows 11 Build 22621,608 maybe you will get a number of new features which include the following:

  • Tabs in File Explorer
  • Suggested Actions
  • Taskbar Overflow
  • Share to more devices.

For more details, you can see changelog following:

  • New! We enhance File Explorer. It now includes tabs to help you organize your File Explorer sessions like you do in Microsoft Edge. On the new File Explorer homepage, you can pin important files for quick and easy access. Using the power of Microsoft OneDrive, you can view your colleagues’ actions on your shared files. We also provide personalized suggestions based on your Microsoft 365 account.
  • New! We add a feature called Suggested Actions for items that you copy. This is available for customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. For example, when you copy phone numbers or future dates, we provide suggestions, such as make a call with Teams or Skype or add an event in the Calendar app.
  • New! We add a taskbar overflow menu. The taskbar will offer an entry point to a menu that shows you all your overflowed apps in one space.
  • New! You can now share to more devices. You can discover and share to more devices, including desktops, using a nearby sharing.

Howeverplease note that for now this update has only been released for Windows Insider Release Preview users who are still using Windows 11 Build 22621, yes, but this is certainly a spoiler and good news for you Windows 11 22H2 users with Build 22621, because at Build 22621 22621,608 later may be new features that are expected to be presented as well.

So have you used this build? or are you already using Build 22622? comment below guys.

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