WinRE or Windows Recovery Environment is an important part of the Windows operating system in case a problem occurs that causes the user to be unable to boot into the system normally.

But friends, did you know that in the latest build for Windows Insider Dev Channel, namely Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25188, WinRE looks problematic, where when users try to open File Explorer with WinRE, it seems File Explorer will crash and failed to open normally.

“When trying to access certain folders (such as Windows) via the file open dialog, the program you were using will crash” Quoted from Tweet @XenoPanther.

Apart from affecting WinRE, it seems that WinPE or Windows Preinstallation Environment also seems to be affected by this problem.

Of course Microsoft hasn’t fixed this issue yet as this issue is fairly recently reported, but if you want to do it upvotes, you can enter the page Feedback Hub the following.

So, until this problem is fixed, for those of you who intend to open File Explorer via WinRE or WinPE, it’s a good idea to postpone it because after File Explorer opens, it won’t take long until File Explorer crashes and closes again.

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Via : DeskModder


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