Technological advances have not only made things easier in life. But it also brings many opportunities to make money from it. There are many apps that pay people to do certain tasks. so that job seekers and needy receive equal benefits

One application that is quite famous for making money is online surveys. You can fill out surveys and earn some money for doing your assigned tasks and answering the questions provided.

Here are some tips for applying for online surveys that you can use to increase your income.

1. Paid Surveys

The first money making survey signup is Poll Pay. To earn money in Poll Pay you just need to complete various tasks by inviting friends to complete surveys with topics. and other missions

When the points have been accumulated You can redeem it for cash via PayPal or Google Play Gift Card. This Poll Pay application is powered by Bitburst GmBH. Don’t worry because it definitely works because it looks simple and user friendly.

You can complete as many surveys as you want to earn big money. You can also invite many friends to share this app.

Download at toy store or app store.

2. Surveyon

The next money making survey signup is Surveyon. This application asks you to complete your mission by completing various surveys. for each survey You’ll earn 1,000 to 5,000 points, surveys, and completions related to your market, product, and consumer behavior or behavior.

You can get surveys that pay in dollars by downloading this application, because every 20,000 points you can exchange for $2 worth of dollars, you need a PayPal intermediary to withdraw. But this app still proves to be effective.

You don’t need some skills. You just need to fill in the facts that are being processed. This is because the survey may be related to daily activities. Can be done for those who want to earn extra money and fill their free time.

Download at toy store or app store.

3. Explore Junkie

You don’t have to worry because Survey Junkie always pays users on time. You need to fill out various surveys. That is updated every month only. You can also exchange points using redeemstart from pulse Gift vouchers are cash that can be withdrawn to your account.

to be able to fill out the survey You may need 10 to 20 minutes. Great for those who have a lot of free time. The minimum withdrawal is 10 dollars, so you need to collect as many points as possible.

Download at toy store or app store.


YouGov is a money making app that asks you to complete surveys. You just need to fill out as many surveys as there are in the application. every time you succeed You can get up to 1000 points.

Collect as many points as possible because they can be exchanged for credit or cash. For only 5000 points you can earn up to Rp 200,000 by answering the questions provided only.

But before answering the survey, make sure you have registered an account and verified. Then complete missions to explore. You can take 2 to 3 surveys in a month.

Download at toy store or app store.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

Next up is Google Opinion Rewards. This is a survey application created by Google for users to answer the questions provided. There are many topics that can be solved, with reports that you will earn up to Rp 15000 every time you complete a survey.

Unfortunately, you can’t choose which surveys to take as Google will choose the ones that really suit your personality. So the tips for using this app are as straightforward and true as possible so that nothing is obscured or designed.

For the minimum withdrawal, Google can withdraw your funds when it reaches 2 USD. paypal account to your account Collect as many points as possible

Download at toy store or app store.

6. InboxDollars

Inboxdollars is an application that pays you if you can take surveys. First, register. for the first time You will be paid $5 after completing the registration. You will then be asked to fill out your interests and abilities for the type of product offering.

in this application You will also be asked to perform a search. One search is paid $0.01 with a maximum of $0.05 per day. You can also play games shopping with coupons and share referrals to earn more points.

MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL You need to collect $30 or more, just click the Request Disbursement link and wait for the disbursement confirmation email. The money will be sent via paypal and it depends on your account.

Download at toy store or app store.

7. Panel station

Panel Station is available for both Android and iOS. Panel Station is a collaborative application between millions of researchers from more than 35 countries with thousands of surveys every month. To date, nearly 2 million users have completed the task and have been rewarded in the form of payment in dollars.

You simply complete surveys based on your abilities and interests. Then some points will be deducted and money sent to your account or electronic wallet Accumulate a minimum of 3000 points that can be exchanged for IDR 70,000.

Download at toy store or app store.

8. Millieu Survey

Finally, Milieu Exploration, the only application that is quite versatile because it can be used to accomplish missions. Start by filling out various surveys. Viewing selected polls and much more information. Community data is in the form of polls. The results are displayed automatically. real timeThere are four categories of the survey: Politics, Pop Culture, Lifestyle and Relationships. (relationship).

Just like any other money maker You can also use your referral code for many other benefits. Anyone using your referral code can earn up to 500 points for each survey. You can earn points from 400 to 500 points.

Your task is to collect as many points as possible. Select the main menu and click the gift icon at the bottom. You can withdraw money into your account, gopay fund, or you can withdraw in pulses.

Download at toy store or app store.

You can use 4 to 5 applications for maximum results. After all One survey takes 10 to 20 minutes.


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