Outside the context of the world of windows, have you used the Firefox browser on Android? If so, then you are the same as me because I also prefer this browser considering there are a number of additional features including Adblock extension support that we can add.

So in the meantime, sometimes even though we have made this browser as an browser defaults on the device that we use, when we click on the link that we get on Whatsapp or on Telegram, then usually the device’s default browser will open (in my case it was the Huawei Browser), but can we arrange this so that every link we click will directly directed to Mozilla Firefox ?, of course you can, guys, and if you’re curious, here’s how to make Firefox open links automatically on Android.

Step 1. First, make sure you have made Firefox your browser defaults.

Step 2. Next, on the Settings > Advabced page in Firefox, please set it open link in apps become enable like in the following picture.

And it’s finished, now every time you open a certain link in all applications installed on your Android device, the link will immediately open in Mozilla Firefox.

So easy isn’t it? Please try it guys, and are you a user of this browser too? comment below guys.


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