In addition to technological developments Financial technology is also developing in the banking industry in Indonesia. In addition to offering savings, money transfers and online shopping via mobile banking applications, Banks now Started replacing ATM with CRM. What is CRM and how is it different from other ATMs? Check out the following comments:

What is CRM Engine?

A CRM machine is a banking facility that is used not only to withdraw cash like an ATM but also to accept cash from customers. cash recycling machine. in Indonesia This facility is often referred to as a deposit-withdrawal machine.

In addition to providing cash deposit-withdrawal services, this machine also has various services such as applications. mobile banking, From transferring, checking balances, paying online shopping Top up digital wallet

From this relatively complete service The existence of the CRM machine is considered to be able to replace or alleviate the role of the data transfer staff, more or less. Because now customers do not have to queue up to deposit money at branch offices anymore. can do it yourself through one channel

The growth of CRM machines is even greater during the COVID-19 pandemic as the presence of this facility can reduce the number of customers queuing up at the bank. Can reduce the working hours of cashiers. as well as more efficient management to make customers more satisfied Not to mention the fact that depositing cash using this facility does not require a paper form. Therefore, it is somewhat more environmentally friendly.

For the customers themselves, the existence of this machine makes various transactions. really possible There is no need to queue at the bank for just a small cash deposit and it is accessible 24 hours a day, making it ideal for highly mobile clients. This advantage comes with many banks providing CRM machines that can earn IDR 20,000.

only in Indonesia Nowadays, the service is widely available. Especially big banks such as Bank Mandiri, BRI and BCA. In fact, Bank BCA ranks as the bank with the most CRM machines, with a total of 6,888 machines spread across Indonesia (49% in Jakarta and the region). other 51%)

How does CRM Engine work?

The way to use this facility to deposit and withdraw cash is quite simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter ATM card and PIN You are just like using a regular ATM.
  2. Select the menu “Deposit Cash”. The part of the machine that accepts and counts money opens. If you do not want to use it for cash deposits, at this stage you can choose another menu.
  3. Put your money in that part of the machine. In Indonesia, until now most banks only accepted Rp. 50,000 and Rp. 100,000 to be put into these machines. Make sure the money you put in is not fake, folded, wet or muddy. This is because if you insert fake or real money but it gets wet, folded or torn, the machine will reject it automatically.
  4. after the machine part is closed The system will automatically calculate the amount you entered.. If there is still some crumpled money, the machine will turn on again and ask you to take the money.
  5. The amount you entered will be displayed on the screen.. If correct, press Enter.
  6. Small amounts are automatically credited to your account balance..
  7. finished.

meanwhile If you want to withdraw money You can use this machine just like any other ATM.

Although it provides the convenience of cash deposits. But the number of cash deposits using this machine is limited. In addition to the limited local storage problem. This also has to do with transaction security.

The maximum limit for depositing cash at this CDM varies from bank to bank. For example, Bank BCA is limited to 50 sheets while Maybank is limited to 100 sheets with a maximum value of IDR 20,000,000 per day. Money exceeding this amount must be deposited via bank transfer.

The difference between a CRM machine and an ordinary ATM machine

Broadly speaking, a CRM mechanism is a combination of typical ATM features with a CDM mechanism (cash deposit machine). At general ATMs Customers can only withdraw cash. While in CDM machines clients can only deposit cash, now in this facility clients can deposit and withdraw cash at the same time.

with this feature Some chassis are also different. For example, on a CRM machine, the money deposited by the customer is placed in a different location from the money they receive if they cash out. So customers who withdraw cash still get clean money.

Will CRM machines replace regular ATMs?

With a variety of benefits both for the bank and for the above customers. It is expected that sooner or later, CRM machines will replace conventional ATMs. Reference information from businessThere are approximately 102,765 ATMs in Indonesia, of which 59,622 and 18,161 are owned by BUMN Banks and Bank BCA.

Currently, BCA has 6,888 deposit-withdrawal machines (CRM) spread across Indonesia. And is the bank that has the most CRM machines in the country Follow the steps The best private bank in Indonesia like some people state bank There are also plans to add ATMs. For example, Bank BTN and Bank BNI in 2020 plan to add 250 and 1,800 CRM machines respectively, while Bank Mandiri plans to replace old ATMs with these.cash).

Even though it looks attractive and can increase customer satisfaction. But investing in a CRM machine requires a high initial cost to purchase and install. Not to mention hardware and software maintenance issues. So don’t be surprised if more banks will continue to use ATMs in the next few years.


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