Technological developments have not only made it easier for today’s young people to trade stocks online. But it also makes it easier for those who want to study stocks, especially instruments and overall finance.

These investment learning materials come in many forms. from content writing or blogging audio podcast to audiovisual content on YouTube, if we’ve discussed it before. The Best Podcast Channels for InvestingSo in this content The author describes 10 YouTube channel tips for learning to share.

It is undeniable that Raditya Dika is one of the most popular influencers in Indonesia today. Besides being a writer, director and stage filler for stand-up comedy, Bang Rassamee, commonly known as He has also created a YouTube account.

Investing is one of the many topics discussed on his YouTube channel. In fact, many times he invites guest stars, experts or other investment creators to discuss the topic.

Raditya Dika herself graduated from the Department of Finance at the University of Adelaide. Australia It is therefore not surprising that one of Bang Rad’s special privileges is the ability to broadcast investment materials in a language that is easily understood by the general public.

If investing is one of the many topics Raditya Dika discusses, this is the main topic of Felicia Putri Tijasaka’s YouTube content. In addition to YouTube, Felicia has a podcast account that discusses the same topic.

in two social media channels He talks about a wide range of investment tools from stocks to crypto to homes, the language being used is also easy to understand for novice investors. Felicia content varies in length. But she often doesn’t create content longer than 15 minutes, so it’s good to listen and watch while taking a break and focusing on a specific topic.

In terms of credibility, Felicia Putri Tijasaka was an investor from a young age. In an interview, he said that he was an investor since high school. while studying in college Feli majored in Banking and Financial Management. Before becoming a full-time content creator He is a research analyst at Sucor Sekuritas.

In addition to being a proactive content creator He is also the co-founder of an investment learning startup called Ternak Uang.

The third YouTube channel to recommend is Talking Money, as the name implies. This channel talks about financial literacy and investing. but based on data not a conspiracy theory

Guided by neat narration, neatly arranged by Luna Cahya and assisted by beautiful animations. Talk about money management to translate a broad range of financial topics for the general public to understand. It is therefore not surprising that the development of this YouTube channel is relatively fast, the YouTube channel talking about money currently has over 524,000 subscribers.

The next YouTube channel for learning stock investing is Kanala.id Kanala.id is a YouTube channel founded by Jefferly Helianthusonfri. Young investor and digital marketing expert who has written over 60 books on digital marketing.

Like talking about money The concept of learning in Kanala.id also uses animation instead of VLOG. The advantage of this concept is that viewers can directly view the information presented by the speaker to make it easier to understand.

In addition to providing educational content through YouTube and Instagram, Kanala.id runs regular monthly classes and teaches private classes with Jefferly Helianthusonfri.

Another investment learning YouTube channel that uses animation and storytelling concepts is Stocks From Zero. It also includes how to read financial statements and calculate the metrics needed to analyze the fundamentals of a company.

Many slang and metaphors are used in the narrative. The description of the content in the stock YouTube account from the beginning is quite easy to understand. The duration of the content is also not too long, making it ideal for listening or watching during breaks.

The next piece of advice comes from an investor from East Java, Angga Andinata. On this YouTube channel, which already has over 430,000 subscribers, Angga is not just talking about stocks. But it also includes other investment tools such as real estate, mutual funds, and even crypto.

In addition to videos, Angga offers investment learning using a writing style through books and sharing his knowledge in a community form. Unfortunately, so far Angga hasn’t launched any special classes or webinars, so if you find a telegram channel with his name but organize a class or fund a deposit. You can be sure that the channel is a fake.

In addition to Felicia Putri Tijasaka, Ternak Uang’s other co-founder who opened a YouTube channel to learn about investing is Timothy Ronald. Timothy’s Content Concept Ronald is more of a personal journal about investing.

In this channel, he has shared his views several times in dealing with the latest investment issues. instead of just a theory Therefore, Timothy’s channel is for those of you who are looking for examples of how investment ideas and theories can be applied to everyday life.

Started with a blog and website, Teguh Hidayat has been publishing dedicated investment YouTube content since 3 years ago. Avere Investama’s YouTube content not only covers investment and stock trading in general. It also discusses the quality of each stock in detail. Also on this YouTube account are the materials of seminars organized by Teguh Hidayat.

Teguh hidayat is an investment blogger and founder of PT Avere Investama. Has been bringing the concept of value investing since 2009. He is frequently invited to attend investment seminars both at IDX and in media

Another stock investing YouTube channel you should check out is Kefas’s channel. Evander Kefas is a young investor who has been working as an investment content creator since early 2019.

On his YouTube channel you will not only get stock theory and analysis methods. but also received in-depth reviews of each stock. In his presentations, Kefas often attempts to respond by choosing specific questions from the audience. So that if you want answers to investment questions. This channel is for you.

The latest recommended YouTube channel for learning investing and stock trading is Rivan Kurniawan’s YouTube channel. Like Teguh Hidayat, Rivan Kurniawan is an investor who values ​​value investing more. Because he suffered losses after he started investing in 2008.

On this YouTube channel, Rivan offers a range of programs, from investment tips to card issuer surgery. In addition to providing materials in the form of blog posts on the website, they also offer online and offline investing classes.

In addition to the 10 fields above You can also watch the investment materials of securities firms and IDX on YouTube, due to the technological developments. These official financial institutions need to offer digital learning and promotional content. learn stocks and other investment tools Each content creator has unique characteristics and storytelling abilities. Please choose according to your preferences.


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