Along with its collaboration with Canonical, Microsoft recently announced that they will bring “systemd” support to the Windows Subsystem for Linux, of course, this support will be assisted with assistance from Canonical as the company behind Ubuntu.

With this, big changes will certainly come to WSL, including one of them is application support which will be better, considering that some applications depend on systemd including canonical snap, microk8s and systemctl which is part of systemd and allows users to interact with services.

As usual, Microsoft will roll out this update to Windows Insider users first, then it will be rolled out gradually to users, you can also download WSL releases latest version from GitHub in case you want to install it manually.

This systemd support will be coming in WSL version 0.67.6, and users need to edit wsl.conf using the following command:

sudo nano etc/ wsl.conf

Make sure below [boot]systemd must have value true. Then after you save the new configuration, you can turn off wsl with the “wsl –shutdown” command on your Windows and then run it again, with that systemd is now running.

Now regarding this too, Canonical explains the steps briefly on the page followingin case you want to see the steps from Canonical.

Via : Canonical

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