Having your own home is a dream of many people. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough capital to buy a home with cash. Therefore, it is not surprising that 69.54% of the Indonesian population who bought a home in the first quarter of 2022 used the KPR mechanism, or home owner credit to buy housing

There are several factors that you should consider. choose a mortgage This. Let’s start with the location of the house and its facilities. Funding for down payment and interest rates The interest rate and DP determine the size of the period you have to pay each month.

Every company operates mortgage interest rate This varies according to the term of the loan and the risk the borrower has. In this article, we’ll describe the 10 banks with the lowest mortgage interest rates based on the base loan interest rate (SBDK) or unconsidered mortgage interest. to the risks of customers and others The latest SBDK information has been officially uploaded on the ojk.go.id page.

1.PT BPD Riau Kepri

PT BPD Riau Kepri is a regional organization operating in Riau and the Riau Islands. The company, now known as BRK Syariah, offers a 4.51% mortgage interest rate.

The company was established as PTT Riau Regional Development Bank in 1961 after changing its name several times as the Riau Islands became its own province. Starting in July 2022, this company is renamed BRK Syariah and is committed to providing Islamic financial transactions only.

2. PT BPD Special Region of Yogyakarta

The second banking company to use low mortgage interest rates is Bank BPD DIY. A provincial bank led by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X used a 5.02% mortgage interest rate as of June 2022 when OJK SBDK data was released.

This company’s credit facility is a Home Equity Loan (KPR FLPP) or a home equity loan specifically for subsidized homes. On the official Bank BPD DIY website, it explains that a 5% interest rate for the purchase of subsidized homes in some residential complexes peaks at IDR 150,000,000 with a 1% down payment. You can check the following links:


3. PT BPD Central Sulawesi

PT BPD Sulawesi Tengah is a regional development bank of Central Sulawesi and headquartered in Palu, according to OJK SBDK data. The company uses a basic loan interest rate of 5.33% as of June 2022. However, according to the official website as of August 2022. Central Sulawesi Bank offers only 5.22% mortgages.

Of course, this interest rate can vary depending on the client’s risk appetite. Bank Sulteng was founded in 1969 by a community leader from Central Sulawesi. It is currently one of the largest sources of funding in the province.

4. PT BPD Bengkulu

The bank with the fourth lowest mortgage interest rate is Bengkulu Regional Development Bank (BPD), a regional banking company. It was established in 1969 with a mortgage interest rate of 5.30% as of August 2022.

To serve its customers, BPD Bengkulu also offers different types of loans and savings. from unsecured loans general purpose loan The bank also has dozens of offices comprising head offices, branches and cash, as well as hundreds of ATMs spread across Bengkulu and Jakarta.

5. PT Bank IBK Indonesia Tbk

In fifth place is PT Bank IBK Indonesia, Tbk, better known as Bank Agris. As of June 2022, it is recorded that this company offers 5.58% of SBDK KPR. According to the official website, Bank IBK Indonesia only provides mortgages for buildings. Certified and ready to build with repayment periods of up to 10 years.

PT Bank IBK Indonesia, Tbk is a banking company founded in 1973 under the name PT Finconesia. In 2008 the company was renamed PT Bank Agris Tbk and then made an initial public offering (IPO) using same name in 2014

6. PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia

Bank Shinhan Indonesia is a subsidiary of South Korean financial company Shinhan Financial Group. The company was first established under the name Central Sumatra Djawa Bank Ltd in 1967 and was 90% owned by Shinhan Financial Group in 2015.

According to Prime Lending Rate data published by OJK as of June 2022, the company offers mortgage loans with a base interest rate of 5.79%, or the equivalent of other consumer loans.

7. PT BPD South Sulawesi and West Sulawesi

The next lowest mortgage interest banks’ recommendations are PT BPD South Sulawesi and West Sulawesi, abbreviated Bank Sulselbar. As of June 2022, the mortgage interest rate offered by this bank is 6.2% per annum.

In addition to the mortgage The services of this company are also quite complete. From fixed deposits, deposits, savings accounts Founded in 1961, Bank Sulselbar now has more than 80 offices and hundreds of ATMs spread across different regions in the two provinces.

8. PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia

Another bank from South Korea with low mortgage interest rates is KEB Hana Bank Indonesia. Highest Loan Interest Rate an increase of 6.25% per year

KEB Hana Bank Indonesia was established in 1967 under the name PT Bank Pasar Pagi Madju. In 2013, the company was merged with PT Bank KEB Indonesia as its shares are controlled by Hana Bank from South Korea.

9. PT Bank BPD, Southeast Sulawesi

Southeast Sulawesi Regional Development Bank or Bank Sultra is a BUMD company in the financial sector established on March 2, 1968. As of June 2022, SBDK KPR is offered by this bank. Up to 6.5% per annum and according to the official website, the duration of KPR at Bank Sultra is 15 years. However, the mortgage loan at this company is for State Civil Apparatus (ASN) only.

10. PT Bank Bumi Arta Tbk

The 10th bank with the lowest mortgage interest rates until June 2022, Bank Bumi Arta, a listed company on the Indonesian Stock Exchange, is offering a 6.54% SBDK KPR. This is slightly changed in August 2022. Bank Bumi Arta’s SBDK KPR during that time up to 6.59% per year

Please note that the above list is subject to change at any time depending on the economic conditions of the country and the policies of each company.


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