Recently, Albacore via his Twitter account announced a new leak regarding one of the features that we might get later, which Microsoft seems to be offering OneDrive backup via the Start Menu.

Well, this offer is not in the Start Menu, guys, but when the user clicks on the icon profile in the Start Menu, in addition to options Change account settings, lock, and sign out, that’s where the options are Back up your files will be presented.

Backing up to OneDrive is not a bad thing, because in addition to being integrated with all Microsoft products, we can access it easily, anywhere and anytime as long as there is an Internet connection. But the problem is generally, the capacity of OneDrive which is free for users is 5 GB, and of course that will not be enough if you have to back up all important files on the system that we use.

Also, the Backup and Restore that has been around since the Windows 7 era is now deprecated, and with that closes the options full backup on Windows systems without the help of third-party applications.

This promotion by Microsoft is of course to increase the number of OneDrive subscribers, because after all, currently Microsoft’s focus is on their subscription products, including Windows 365, Microsoft 365, and other services.

So guys, what do you think?, but luckily, for now this OneDrive offer doesn’t seem to be available to everyone, how about on your system? comment below guys.

Via : Albacore (Twitter)


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