For some people, saving is quite difficult. Because not everyone has a habit of saving money regularly. Moreover Some people feel that they have no money at all because they are so used to spending their monthly income that it is difficult to save.

Collecting money for savings requires a consistent intention and attitude as you work towards achieving these financial goals. Instead of complaining because it’s hard to do, try these 12 unique ways to save lives and build a spiritual following that’s not burdensome at all!

1. Savings in a transparent jar

One of the most unique and encouraging ways to save money is to keep your money in a clear container, such as a plastic jar. Some people may feel that if the piggy bank is transparent or visible from the outside, it’s worth picking up again. although it might be something else you know!

Making a piggy bank out of a clear jar can make you more zealous for saving. Because you can see how much savings are in the jar without having to open the lid back and forth. for more safety Use a seal or safety so it won’t be easy to open, for example by gluing the lid. Then make a hole in the piggy bank in the lid.

A consistent way to save money in a jar can be done every day by saving the remaining pocket money every day. If conditions are not met Do it at least with a commitment of at least 1-3 times a week.

2. Following Savings Challenge

Next, try to be more active. Give it a try. Savings Challenge which has many methods challenge Or the challenge might be to add money to your piggy bank over a period of time. exact amount Or it could be another challenge that gives you more incentive to save.

by the way Savings Challenge Saving activities become fun and fulfill the need for self-sufficiency. Savings Challenge Ideal for those who have trouble saving. They are challenged to leave their Comfort Zone and focus on learning. Distinguish between wants and needs before making a disbursement

follow Savings Challenge Stay anonymous by Internet templates. You can customize it according to your abilities and goals. Do it regularly and see results!

3. Routine Tube Every Exact Day

Difficulty in saving is a barrier for some people. So often feel that there is no savings when there is an urgent need. The solution is to try to get into the tube on a daily basis, for example using your favorite number, at the end of the month, or at the beginning of the month. Also, try to start a savings top-up activity so you can feel the benefits.

When you are already committed to doing it on a regular basis. That can truly create a new and better way of life. Even if it starts with small things, not only that. These habits make you think that saving money is very important. Not just because you have to.

Every given day, allocate any amount you want, for example 30% of your total income. Afterward, keep it in a bank or piggy bank, making sure the place is safe so that it doesn’t get messy.

4. Always a Pipe of Change

Who says change is useless and deserves to be underestimated? That change is really helpful. save money Although longer because the name is not much. You can collect money from the remaining pocket money. Remaining change, etc.

Try making a special piggy bank for loose change, such as from used bottles, cans, or other containers. that is protected so that items in it are not easily broken Top up the change in the piggy bank every time the amount is found. Do not open until full Once full, they can be exchanged at the nearest minimart or bank for cash in the form of paper money.

The benefits of saving money in the piggy bank later are very useful, for example, when you need funds for emergencies. So instead of getting lost everywhere or weighing in your wallet. Just turn your money into savings!

5. Follow Arisan with friends

Attending social work is a way to heal and build other spirits. regularly In addition to the advice above because you are not doing it alone but do it with other friends Participating in Arizan is not only good for practicing saving habits. but also a way to increase the bond of friendship and connect the fraternity with other human beings.

Many people join social gatherings with the goal of keeping their money safe because it doesn’t have to be tampered with. Because there is already a responsible person in the association who is responsible for withdrawing money from everyone. Arisa system uses lottery, so it can be said that this saving method is fun.

But before going into society, you need to look for a group that has content as a person who is trustworthy. I didn’t get to know each other and joined. This is helpful to avoid social gathering scams. whereby the person in charge will flee with all the money from the member. Try joining your acquaintances, neighbors, or maybe even your own cousin.

6. Save money according to goals

to be more active in collecting money Try to set goals for how long you’ll save money. This will make you more motivated because you already have a purpose for doing these activities. For example, you want to do something. travel I went to Bali, so I had to do it. budget travel plans So that you can go to Bali in peace. Then set a goal for how long and how much you need to save each month.

The benefits of targeted savings allow you to be more careful with your spending. For good results, reduce the habit of eating full or living a lavish life. It can suppress all needs that really don’t matter, even having money when you need or need something.

Try to remember whether the wish will be fulfilled, but if not, there’s no harm in accumulating your savings. Because someday it will still be useful. After that, set the target money saved. Adjust your abilities, don’t burden yourself, so as not to interfere with your survival.

7. Make an agreement not to open or use the savings until the specified time.

How to save a unique way to become more active. Make a deal with your parents, friends, spouse, or yourself. so that you don’t open until the specified time. Because if you open it often, you will feel like collecting money for a long time, even if you are tempted to take it at any time. So try to make an appointment to alleviate concerns.

This arrangement is valid when saving in a special account or in a piggy bank. There are many types of accounts that are suitable for savings because they do not have to pay monthly administrative fees. And there are also deposit accounts that cannot be modified for a certain period of time. Using this method will be more effective. You don’t need to make an ATM card if you don’t want to withdraw cash.

If you enter into this agreement with someone else Let him make this deal. (Make sure the person is trustworthy.) If you do it yourself, hold onto the piggy bank so it doesn’t open easily until the agreed time.

8. Save the smallest banknotes in the wallet.

Besides the change It’s not wrong to put paper money in a piggy bank. However, at this point the meaning is that the name is small. For example, Rp. 1,000, Rp. 2,000, Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 10,000 depending on demand. Accumulate faster than change because the name is bigger.

If you use this economical method You can use the least amount of money in your wallet. If you have a lot of money in your wallet (for example, 10 pieces Rp. 2000), keep some. Everything is fine as long as you don’t feel heavy when doing it.

Try this routine at least until the piggy bank is full and try to count the contents. You can do it with or without a goal. Because this is suitable for savings and emergency funds.

9. Compete in savings with partners.

in the previous issue We discussed savings agreements made with partners. This time we will discuss savings contests with partners. Therefore, it can be said that the agreement is executed by two or more people. so that they can be more active and not feel alone

The savings contest with partners makes it even more exciting as ambitions arise to save as much money as possible. The good thing is having savings for purposes such as emergency savings. ordinary savings or savings that are beneficial to the fulfillment of desires or goals

Make an agreement with your partner about when to begin and when to end. Remember to make an agreement not to interfere with the content until the appointed time. More fun and exhilarating no?

10. Make a Savings Penalty

Another unique way to save is penalties when you make a mistake. before you start Ask yourself, what are your bad habits? What do you do often? This challenge is also good for self-reflection. And it’s not easy to make the same mistake again in the future.

Determine the small amount of fines that must be recorded every time you make a mistake, for example lewdness and a fine of Rp 20,000 for every dirty word that comes out of your mouth. The initials should not be too small so this challenge doesn’t lighten because the goal is to build good habits.

Although later good habits are applied to everyday life, But try to save by other means. Change your perspective on savings, not penalties anymore. but a step towards achieving financial goals

11. Saving money as an investment

Lack of enthusiasm because when you save a little money it doesn’t add up? Try a unique method of saving and investing. Because the dime will actually increase if you save it for a period of time, because novice investors, Try to save in the format mutual fund or gold

Investing makes someone more active. especially if they make a profit. Choose the right investment products to minimize losses. Especially for beginners who are new to this. Avoid jumping directly into stocks. digital currencyand the like because they are much more riskier than mutual funds, bonds and gold.

Saving money in this way will not feel useful if withdrawn immediately for a few months. at least to make a profit Keep it for at least 1-5 years, while at the same time saving gold, at least 3-10 years must be saved.

12. Streamline Savings with Autodebet Features

To make the savings activities go smoothly and make you more active. Try the automatic debit feature. Can set a time, for example, after receiving a monthly salary So you can manage the balance for your daily needs instantly.

Set savings and contingency percentages for automatic debits, such as 50% of salary, while the remaining 50% will be used to meet basic needs. This method is more efficient because the balance can be transferred directly to another account without the need for recalculation. If you still have money left over for your basic needs at the end of the month? Allocate money to a savings account to grow faster.

Among all the unique and supportive savings methods above, Which method do you think is more effective? whatever it is The most important way to consistently save is to increase commitment when doing it.

Make a determination to do it consistently. Enthusiasm for creating a saving habit yes!


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