Former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs is known as a revolutionary and has an interesting view of the future. One of them is a smartphone.

Steve Jobs even wanted the iPhone not to have a SIM card, aka a SIM card. This information was conveyed by Tony Fadell in an interview at the Computer History Museum.

He said that Steve Jobs originally wanted the iPhone to be able to connect to the cellular network without a SIM card at all. The method is very similar to the mechanism of CDMA technology in the United States.

Many CDMA phones in the United States do not use a SIM card. These phones can use Verizon or Sprint cellular networks because customer information is embedded in the cellphone.

Although CDMA is quite dominant in the United States, the adoption of CDMA that is not so good outside the United States has made Steve Jobs’ desire less supported, including Tony Fadell himself.

In the end, Apple released an iPhone with a SIM card and an AT&T exclusive until 2010. In 2011, Apple finally released the first iPhone for CDMA operators, and did not use a SIM card as Steve Jobs wanted.

via MacRumors

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