Paying taxes is the duty of all Indonesians. especially those who are taxpayers This tax amount is determined by the amount of wealth the taxpayer owns. All taxpayers must report their annual tax return (SPT).

One of the latest innovations that governments have taken to facilitate tax payments and reporting is the existence of electronic filing websites. So how do you complete your personal annual tax return via e-filing? See the following tutorial.

How to fill out the personal annual SPT

  1. go to page Revenue Department website.
  2. Enter your NPWP and password. If you forget it, please click “Forgot your password?” and then go through the steps to create a new password.
  3. put capctha
  4. Click Login
  5. Click the 3-line icon in the upper right corner.
  6. Click Reports.
  7. Select the e-filing menu.
  8. At the top, click the menu for SPT.
  9. Fill out some questions correctly and correctly. to ensure that the annual salary amount You can check proof of payroll deductions received from your company.
  10. Please select “with guidance” for question number 4. In this question you will find the terms SPT 1770 SS and SPT 1770 S. SPT 1770 SS is for employees earning less than or equal to 60 million per year while SPT 1770 S. is for employees who earn more than 60 million per year.
  11. Fill in the tax year
  12. Select the word “normal” for the SPT status.
  13. Click next step
  14. After that, you will get a pop-up message on the laptop screen. Read carefully and click Yes.
  15. After that, you will be given the name of the withholding authority (the company you work for). You can follow these steps:
    • Click the Add menu.
    • Choose a tax type P.N.D. 21
    • Enter the TIN number with the TIN number of your company.
    • Enter the withholding proof number in the withholding proof number column listed on your payslip.
    • Enter salary cut-off date
    • Enter the amount of withholding tax on your check.
    • Click Save.
  16. Click next step
  17. Your net income information will be displayed immediately. If not, you can manually fill out the payslip.
  18. Answer the question whether there are other incomes in the country or abroad correctly and correctly.
  19. Click next step
  20. Fill out the question “Do you have income that is not taxed?” correctly.
  21. Click next step
  22. Answer the question “Do you have the last taxable income?” correctly.
  23. Click next step
  24. Is it correct to answer the “do you qualify” question? If there is a change in property information on the tax return you reported last year. Please click the Property button on last year’s tax return and edit it.
  25. Click next step
  26. Answer the question “Do you have debt from last year’s tax return?” Correctly.
  27. Then click next step.
  28. Answer the “Do you have a dependent on last year’s tax return?” question correctly.
  29. Correctly answer the question “Do you pay zakat or donate according to religion?”
  30. Fill in your spouse’s tax liability status. You can adjust this to your company’s withholding tax information.
  31. Answer the question “Do you have a Section 24 income tax return/deduction on foreign income?” correctly.
  32. Correctly answer the question “Did you pay the Section 25 hospital?”
  33. Answer the question “Did you pay Section 25 STP PPh (tax base only)?” correctly.
  34. Click next step
  35. In this step, make sure that the latest data is written to the center. if not zero Please double check your entry in the previous step. or contact your company’s payroll department.
  36. Click next step
  37. Select OK/OK.
  38. Click next step
  39. Finally, select the word here in the confirmation column row. You will then receive a verification code that will be sent via email.
  40. Enter the code in the column above “Send SPT”, then press the button.
  41. finished.

If the report and payment are successful, the “Payment” tab shows the payment history as follows:


1. Does a person filling out an annual tax return have to pay tax?

No. Anyone with an NPWP must report an SPT, even if their annual income is Non-Taxed Income (PTKP), also known as annual income of less than 54 million.

For example, your income is IDR 2,000,000 per month, so per year you only get IDR 24,000,000, even if the value is much lower than 54 million and free from PPh, you still need to complete the SPT.

2. What are the differences in the 1770, 1770 S and 1770 SS forms?

As mentioned above, 1770 S is an electronic form for taxpayers earning more than 60 million per year while 1770 SS is an electronic form for taxpayers earning less than 60 million per year. 1770 is Electronic forms that must be filled out by taxpayers who are self-employed or self-employed.

3. Is the income less than 60 million taxpayers?

Required. Even those with an annual income of less than 54 million and do not pay PPh taxes are required to report taxes or complete an SPT.

4. What happens if you don’t fill out your annual tax return?

The consequences of not completing the annual tax return are:

  • Subject to administrative penalties in the form of 2% interest per month from each month of late tax deposit.
  • IDR 100,000 fine for annual tax returns that are reported or filed late.
  • If you intentionally fail to file your annual tax return You can be sentenced to 6 months to 6 years in prison and/or a fine of 2-4 times the amount of unpaid or unpaid taxes.

That’s how to complete your SPT through electronic filing and penalties if you don’t report your annual SPT right away. Simple, right? Don’t forget to fill out the tax invoice immediately. will not have to pay a fine


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