GoPay is a digital wallet (e-wallet) from Gojek that can be used for various transactions. digitally Both for online motorcycle taxi payment, bill payment, and non-cash shopping. most used e-walletThere are many benefits when using GoPay. There are transaction features that actually work. Inexpensive top-up management fees, lots of money cash backetc.

There are many advantages of using a digital wallet from Gojek as a non-cash payment system. Many people also ask how to easily create a GoPay account, activate it and even upgrade to the Plus version. We will go into detail on how to activate GoPay account to give you great convenience when transacting.

Preparation before registering for GoPay

There are many amenities that you get when you create a GoPay account, especially supported by the current situation. Almost all transactions are done digitally. Not only that, through e-wallet you also have the opportunity to earn cash back and attractive vouchers when used Want to give it a try?

The way to create a GoPay account is quite simple and the required requirements are few. In fact, the verification process is quick too. As long as there are no obstacles or errors in uploading data. especially when the account is active. You will benefit more when using different types of transactions.

The first thing you need to prepare before registering for GoPay is to register with the Gojek application. Remember to provide some necessary requirements so that the registration process will not be interrupted. Here are some requirements that are required for registration.

  • Install the Gojek application first (available on Android and iOS devices).
  • Active HP number
  • Active email address
  • original ID card

An email address and mobile phone number are required during registration to expedite the verification process of personal information. Therefore, it is best to use a personal mobile phone number and an email account. It’s not someone else’s, as Gojek will also need to send an OTP later.

in the same way Provided that you attach your original ID to the GoPay account creation method, of course, the use of other people’s assets is not allowed. This is because the verification process requires you to take a selfie with your ID later. Especially when activating a digital wallet account.

A complete tutorial on GoPay List.

After all the requirements files have been compiled. The next thing to consider is how to create a GoPay account. Below we’ll explain it in its entirety so you don’t get confused when registering. you just need capital smartphone just.

1. Install and register a Gojek account.

As GoPay is part of Gojek, you must first install the Gojek app. Download the app on your Android device (Google Play) and iOS (app store). If already installed in smartphone, Then click ‘Don’t have an account? Create first’ to go to the next page.

2. Enter an active mobile phone number and email address.

On the next page, you’ll be asked to enter an active mobile phone number and email address. We recommend that you use your own data because later you will need a data validation and an OTP.

when entering a mobile phone number Enter the number directly without the leading +62 or 0 to make it readable. Please be careful when entering data so that the data verification process is unobstructed. Also make sure the email address is correct before continuing.

3. Verify your Gojek account

Next, Gojek will send a four-digit OTP to your mobile number via SMS. Do not tell anyone the set of numbers to prevent unwanted things like data abuse. or other dangerous things Log in to the Gojek application again, then enter the OTP as indicated in the short SMS message.

Gojek also sends automated emails to your email address. So, open the email application and search for a message from Gojek. The body of the message will ask to verify the information. So open it and click. ‘Verify my email’, follow the next instructions.

4. GoPay account is activated.

Done. That’s the easy way to activate your GoPay account, now you can use it to do different types of transactions.

The main page of the Gojek application shows.

However, please note that the account is not fully verified. As GoPay Plus hasn’t been upgraded yet, it can’t be used to send balance to other users or enjoy balance withdrawal features. So upgrade first so you can enjoy these premium features.

The recharge menu has few options for charging.
Top up if you have successfully created your Gopay account.

Easy GoPay Upgrade Tutorial

After registering a Gojek account, GoPay can actually be used. But cannot use special features such as withdrawing balance to bank account. and send the balance to other users. not only that If you have upgraded to Premium You can transact up to Rp 10 million and have a chance to earn GoPayLater.

Upgrading your account to premium features offers a lot of convenience. This is a simple method. To activate your GoPay Plus account, you just need a valid ID!

  1. Go to the main menu of Gojek, then select Explore in the GoPay column, then select Plus.
  2. Prepare your ID card and upload it. Please note that one KTP can only be used for one account. Therefore, it cannot be used with multiple people.
  3. Next, you will be asked to upload a selfie (selfie) with your ID card. Use right angles and proper lighting to allow the system to monitor.
  4. The next step is to verify the uploaded data. Make sure the image looks clear, not blurry, skewed, let alone. The goal is that Gojek’s data validation process isn’t hindered later on.
  5. If you’re sure the information you want to upload, click Submit.
  6. Done. Just wait 1 x 24 hours until the process is complete. (On weekdays) If there is an error in uploading a document, Gojek will contact you to correct it.

If the uploaded data is clear, properly lit, and not blurry, the verification process usually doesn’t take long. And it may not even take 24 hours. After everything is done You will be notified that your GoPay Plus account is activated and ready to use.

With the premium features of this e-wallet, you can also enjoy PayLater service. GoPayLater has advantages and disadvantages. What you need to know before using this feature

Types of payments that can be made with GoPay

Do you understand how to activate your GoPay Plus account? If you understand You also need to know what types of payments GoPay can offer.

GoPay offers many conveniences in terms of transactions. As it can be done without cash in a more efficient and secure manner, what types of payments can an e-wallet be able to make? Here are the details!

1. Gojek service

GoPay can be used to pay for all Gojek services including GoRide, GoCar, GoFood, GoSend, GoMart. refund, price reduction, and attractive vouchers

menu "Top service" There are services available.

2. Pay bills

You can pay your bills with your GoPay balance on the GoTagihan menu, ranging from electricity, credit, data packages, cable TV to BPJS.

3. Pay at restaurants, shops and supermarkets.

Non-cash payments can be made easy with GoPay by simply scanning a QR Code at restaurants, shops and supermarkets.

4. Online shopping and game recharge

Online Marketplace Shopping, Premium Application Subscriptions, Game Recharges can be easily used e-wallet from Gojek. You also have the opportunity to receive promotions and cash back interesting.

Gojek promotions and vouchers
Promotion page.

That’s the easy way to register for GoPay and upgrade. Upgrade your account to the Plus version now so you can enjoy the full features!


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