Today’s technological developments have created new industries. One of them is the Non-Banking Finance Industry (IKNB). Nowadays, people can find alternative loans outside the banking system by using online loans..

The existence of online loans Both in the form of conventional systems and P2P lending allow people who for any reason have no access to bank credit to get a loan. Such companies tend to set credit terms that are easier than banks. But it also offers a higher interest rate than banks.

Actually, the business concept of this company is almost the same as the concept of a bank. The performance of this company must also be regulated in order not to become a modern borrowing practice. This regulation on P2P lending is stated in the number. 77/POJK.01/2016 About Lending and Lending Services Using Information Technology (LPMUBTI)

The problem is that many online loans are now growing illegally without complying with the above regulations. These illegal online loans carry unreasonable interest rates and often use panic to collect their clients. As a result, customers feel uncomfortable and even depressed.

So how to avoid this illegal online loan? Check out the following tips:

1. Check the legality first

Nowadays, online loan ads are scattered everywhere, from YouTube ads, websites, Instagram and even SMS. Make sure it’s legal first. Because all fintech lending companies must be registered with OJK.

There are several ways to ensure legality, namely:

  1. Looking for news about the latest list of legal/registered Pinjol companies at OJK as OJK will continue to update.
  2. look for List of illegal loan companies.
  3. Call the OJK WA number at 081 157 157 157.
  4. Call the OJK phone number 157.

Check the legality of the company several times. This is because in some cases there are illegal P2P lending companies claiming to be registered with OJK, this claim often arises from the presence of the OJK symbol on the website.

2. View track record

The second way is to first look at the digital history of related lending companies. Some of the digital factors that you should consider in this regard are:

  1. office location. Make sure the location of the credit company’s office is clear. In fact, if you have relatives or acquaintances who live near that location. Make sure they do the survey. Because often the location of illegal corporate offices is infrequently hidden.
  2. website. OJK and KEMKOMINFO diligently block illegal financial companies. So be wary of credit companies that don’t have a website or have a website but are reluctant to design.
  3. applicationMany illegal online loans don’t have an app in the Google Play Store. If you can, try the Pinjol app listed in the App Store, as Apple’s app download service tends to have. Better option than Play Store
  4. reviews on the internet Find reviews of relevant credit companies on internet forums like Quora, Kaskus, etc.
  5. Check the number in the Get Contact application.. Get Contact is an application used to verify the name of the owner of the relevant mobile phone number. This application is helpful to help you avoid illegal online loans. Because you can check the name of the owner of an illegal mobile phone number. Be suspicious of the number being kept by only one other person, such as illegal Pinjol, etc.

3. Make sure other people don’t use your NIK.

NIK is the 16-digit number displayed on your ID card. or to the right of your name on the family card This number should be kept secret from others. because if this number is leaked to someone else That other person can spoof your identity or apply for a loan online on your behalf. As a result, the borrower will charge someone else’s loan from you on behalf of the borrower.

So how can you be sure? Your NIK is safe.? Here are some tips:

  1. Report to the police station immediately if your KTP or KK is lost.
  2. Destroy online grocery receipts before you throw them in the trash.
  3. Make sure important software and applications on your mobile phone are secure, guaranteed.
  4. Do not let others borrow your KTP and KK.
  5. Destroy copies of your ID and family cards when you no longer need them.
  6. Do not post these two documents on social media.
  7. Make sure you enter your KTP number on the correct website (IMPORTANT).

4. Be careful in managing your finances.

The principle of prudence in managing your finances will help you to more or less avoid financial troubles because:

  1. You won’t be in debt unless absolutely necessary. Usually, people who are careful about managing their finances don’t take on superfluous debt. They generally use debt for production purposes, which is also carefully managed.
  2. Even if you owe You will limit your debt amount to no more than 30% of your monthly income. This is because as a general rule of thumb of financial management, 30% is the highest ratio between income and debt.
  3. Even if you owe You will give the bank before applying for a loan online. Although the bank’s credit mechanism is somewhat more difficult than borrowing. But the bank’s loan interest rate is also quite low. The bank also has a credit restructuring mechanism for non-paying customers.
  4. Let’s say you didn’t get a bank loan. Or you’ve received a loan but the amount isn’t enough and you’re forced to borrow from P2P lending if this happens. Those who are wary of managing their finances will do the first and second tips above to make sure the P2P lending companies involved are legit. Read all the terms and conditions offered by the company. and adjust the loan amount as needed

5. Keep updating P2P lending news.

There is a lot of news about online loans that you can use on the net to avoid illegal P2P lending, both as a borrower and an investor in this company. Such news is news about blocking some websites by OJK. and KEMKOMINFO, which is constantly updated with news about P2P lending, which is actually legal. but for any reason failed to fulfill its obligations.

knowing this information You will know which lending companies are illegal. but can also publish their ads in the community Therefore, you will be more careful when borrowing money in the future.

The existence of online loans in the form of P2P lending makes it easier for Indonesians to find alternative loans than bank loans. The convenience of this online loan will make the Indonesian economy boomerang in the future.


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