Sometimes when you pay off your loan debt online. when you want to reapply You will be notified that your credit history is bad. This is a concern because if a person’s credit history is bad, it will be difficult to apply for credit again. Therefore, the solution is to perform a credit check.

Credit history checks can be done online through the OJK SLIK (OJK Financial Information Service System). Find out how to do it all along with the files needed for the check.

How to check loan debt online?

How to check credit online at OJK can be done easily. By going to the official website and preparing the necessary documents for queuing. Credit history retrieval is done through SLIK (OJK Financial Information Services System).

SLIK is a record of information about the credit payment history of the debtor of the bank or other financial institution whether it is smooth or not. A simple definition is that SLIK is used by banks and other financial institutions to check the credit history of prospective debtors. The goal is to determine if the customer is eligible for a loan. which is assessed from the result of the SID (Debtor Information System) score.

It should also be noted that this online credit checking service is free. therefore there are no additional fees. So how can I check my OJK online loan through SLIK? Understand and follow the steps to check your credit history online:

1. Prepare all specification documents.

The first way to check online loans at OJK through SLIK is that you need to prepare all necessary documents to queue. These files are required for OJK to help keep track of your financial history. Here are some required documents.

  • Identity in the form of KTP for Indonesians (WNI) or passport for foreigners (WNA).
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Business founding deed and executive identity (For owners of companies/juristic persons)

The file will be uploaded online to the official SLIK OJK website, documenting it in a clear, color scanned format. to make the system easy to identify.

If you are assigned the duty or task of checking your loan debt online through SLIK, you should first create the original power of attorney from the power of attorney. Provide stamps and signatures to show the authenticity of the document.

2. Visit the OJK website to check.

To check your credit history at OJK via SLIK, go to the website. This will display a page with a registration form. when entering the website A Receivable Information Request (IDEB) form will appear.

Complete the required IDEB form for registration. including the type of applicant (person or juristic person) Date of service and service center office (Available at OJK Jakarta office only) as it operates online. So you don’t have to worry about going to the OJK Central Office located in Jakarta. Because later the result of the credit score SID (receivable information system) will be sent via active email.

3. Set a schedule of available queue intervals.

still on the homepage After that you will be asked to fill in the queue table to receive online loan history information (pinjol) starting from 8:00 AM WIB until 2:00 PM WIB. Click Continue. Follow the next steps, including the steps for uploading personal information.

Set a schedule according to your free time. Because after that, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) will make video calls on the chosen schedule. Usually, the service can be done only during business hours, which is Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. WIB.

4. Fill out the personal information form at SLIK online.

Must complete the personal information form. which at this stage This can be done after selecting a schedule. Next, upload all the document requirements as instructed. Make sure the photo or scan is clear, not blurry, or cropped.

Follow the next instructions to fill out information about your personal or business entity. Make sure you fill out correctly. If necessary, you should review the form repeatedly. To make sure everything is correct and ready to upload.

After all files have been uploaded to the SLIK Online site, enter your email address. This process will continue with data validation.

5. Check information

In the process of viewing your credit score online at SLIK OJK, the next step is to verify the information. Data verification process on D-2 based on queuing date. It will be sent in the form of an authorization letter via your email.

in the email if the information is approved A form will appear which must be signed three times to continue. print form Sign up as instructed Then print and scan again.

The body of the email sent by the OJK SLIK department includes the OJK SLIK WhatsApp number. Verify your information by submitting 3 signed forms, including a selfie with your ID card. You will then be asked to verify additional information via video call if necessary.

6. Check your email to see if the application has passed.

All data verification process via WhatsApp has been carried out. The next step in online credit score verification is to wait for an incoming email from OJK SLIK stating whether the online loan score check has been submitted successfully.

If successful, iDEB SLIK credit score information will be notified in email. You can re-check the complete manual on the OJK official website.

What is credit history?

Is the credit history information about the customer’s installments with the credit provider? The customer’s credit history is categorized according to the SID (Receivable Information System) score issued by the official OJK SLIK after submission through the official website.

The SID score shown is from 1-5 based on the previous debtor’s credit history. A full description is in the next point.

Score category in BI audit

How to check your OJK credit score in the SID (Receivable Information System) is listed in numbers 1-5 in the SID service. Credit scores are displayed based on your previous loan (credit) history.

  • Score 1 (Cole 1): smooth credit Always pay installments on time and never overdue.
  • Score 2 (Col 2): DPK Credit (In Special Mention) due to arrears between 1 and 90 days after the due date
  • Score 3 (Col 3): Bad credit due to overdue between 91 and 120 days after due date.
  • Score 4 (Col 4): Suspicious credit due to installments between 121 and 180 days past due.
  • Score 5 (Cole 5): Bad credit due to arrears of installment payments between 181 and more than 6 months after they are due.

Why is credit history good?

the reason why Good credit history is to prevent the next online loan application from being rejected. Typically, lenders reject prospective debtors who have a bad credit history, in other words, often overdue on a monthly basis.

It can be said that online lenders cannot trust a debtor’s bad credit history in the future. This is because the prospective debtor may actually be overdue again, especially if the previous one is late or there are still many outstanding debts that have not yet been paid. Before applying for an online loan again, it’s a good idea to check your credit score through OJK SLIK first. How to pay off loans online on time so as not to be fined

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