In an article from Windows Central regarding “Windows Unshipped”, there is a feature from Widnows 10 that was never revealed and was only conceptualized internally by Microsoft, and one of them is design Start Menu with 3D Tiles in it.

Images via Windows Central

As shown above, when a user wants to pin an application on the Start Menu Tiles, it seems that it will be displayed in a cooler 3D style than what we currently know. Called with Pin in Place, later Windows will display any applications that you can pin there

So why hasn’t this been released, the reason is because reportedly the required hardware was cancelled, although it is not yet clear what hardware is needed. However, the most plausible reason is because this feature may not be very liked by users, because users may want something easier such as adding applications directly by drag n drop or pin to start like now, compared to having to click the + sign only to get 3D Tiles like in the picture above.

“Microsoft also has data that suggested users found the actual process of customizing the Start menu cumbersome, having to manually pin and unpin apps one at a time, and having to find those apps by going back and forth between the apps list and tile area. Then there is the process of figuring out which tile sizes and positions your favorite apps would fit in to make your menu actually look nice.” Reporting from Windows Central.

apart from pins in place, there is a Start Place as shown below, which is designed to increase functionality start menu by adding other Windows features.

But again, this feature is just an idea and concept, because maybe this feature feels more complicated and not as simple as the Start Menu that we currently get in Windows 10.

In addition, there is the People in Start Menu, which was again discontinued, because the My People application was not very successful in getting the attention of users.

So what do you think about the Windows 10 Start Menu concepts above, do you like anything? Comment below, guys.

For information about this, you can read more on the Windows Central page following.


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