We may already know Windows 11 Home, Pro, Educations and Enterprise which are generally available for both homes and companies, but apart from that it turns out friends, there are more SKUs than we previously knew.

According to Twitter user @XenoPhanter, in Windows 11 Build 25281 with the ReFS feature enabled, there will be more SKUs that we can see, apart from Home, Home SL, Pro, Educations, Enterprise, what are they? here is the screenshot.

As you can see, there are at least 25 different SKUs of Windows 11, including some uncommon versions of Pro, SE, Team, and others.

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But friends, at least until now, unfortunately there is still not much information that we can get regarding the presence of these SKUs, can we install them in general and can we get them easily, then regarding licenses and so on, unfortunately there is no detailed information regarding presence of a total of 25 SKUs of Windows 11.

Now apart from the general SKUs that we already know, because there is no detailed information or even official information from Microsoft, let’s just say that the 25 SKUs that we saw above are just rumors and leaks, and even consider it as passing wind.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : @XenPhanter (Twitter), Archive.org (Download Windows 11 ISOs)

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