This week, Windows Insider Dev and Beta users will get a new update where the Insider Beta update released is an update KB5027311 which brings quite a lot of improvement in it.

Meanwhile, for Windows Insider Dev Channel users, there is a new build, namely Build 23486 which of course brings improvements as well, curious what are they? The following WinPoin summarizes some of them.

The first exists Passwordless Improvements, where through this build Microsoft introduced support password to use to do sign in to Websites or Apps via Windows Hello. (If you are curious about this, you can read complete information about Passwordless Improvements on the official Microsoft page following).

Generally, this ability will make it easier for users to do login for a service or application simply by providing more extra security.

In addition to these capabilities, there are a number of other improvements that are also presented, including the existence Dev Home as Inbox app where later the Dev Home will be found by users in Start > All apps > Windows Tools. (Information about Dev Home can be seen on the page following).

Furthermore, there are improvements to File Explorer where as explained in the article Community Opposed, Deletion of Some Items in Folder Options Canceled MicrosoftMicrosoft did not remove a number items in Options folder Windows 11.

Then there is an upgrade on Dynamic Lightning where there are a number of new effects that users can find on the page Settings > Personalization > Dynamic Lightingbut keep in mind that this feature only works for those of you who have devices that support it.

Well besides that, Unicode Emojis 15 previously introduced in Build 23475is now available to all Insider Dev Channel users, so if you haven’t got Unicode Emoji 15 before, now you definitely will.

Even for improvements on the Settings page, now Microsoft has improved user experience when you change time zoneif the location setting is disabled, it will now warn the user about the location accuracy of that time zone.

So are there any other improvements? Of course there is and here are some of them:

  • There is an improvement on DynamicLightning problem which was previously reported not to work properly.
  • Where is the improvement a blank window will display title “Windows Input Experience” when the device is in position resumes after sleep.
  • There is an improvement on login screen Which crashes when trying to connect to the network.

And other improvements related to the Task Manager include:

  • Fixed an issue causing Task Manager crashes for some people.
  • Fixed an issue where focus wasn’t getting set correctly to search if the Task Manager window was small enough that search was collapsed to an icon.
  • Fixed alignment of Task Manager icon and name in the title bar.
  • Right clicking the empty space in the Details page (aka so no process is actually selected) will no longer show the option to create live kernel memory dumps.
  • Fixed an issue where the live kernel memory dumps weren’t being cleaned up by Storage Sense.

Then is there known issues?, Of course there are many, but there is one that has just been introduced, namely in certain cases background context menu in FileExplorer maybe it will appear transparent, other than that after changing Windows Display Language, The Search Box on the Taskbar may display the previous language for some time, and Text Scalling may not work on the Search Flyout.

For the complete changelog you can slide to the page followingbut what is certain, this update is now available for Windows Insider Dev Channel users, if you haven’t got it yet, you can get it via the Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates page.

via: Microsoft


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