Just like Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers, Microsoft Edge Chromium also has a feature enhanced security which will increase user security, such as preventing tracking, blocking threats from the Internet and others.

However, keep in mind that this capability is off by default, and users must enable it manually.

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But friends, it seems that this will now change, because starting from Microsoft Edge 104.0.1293.44 Beta, Microsoft has enabled the Enhanced Security feature by default with the Balanced option active.

Enhance your security on the web. Improvements to Enhance your security on the web in edge://settings/privacy now include Basic as the new default option. With this option, Microsoft Edge will apply added security protection to the less visited sites. This preserves the user experience for the most popular sites on the web.said Microsoft.

Let’s discuss a little again, for those who don’t know, Enhanced Security in Microsoft Edge is a feature that makes browsers more secure by disabling the Just-in-time compiler (JIT). And according to Microsoft, turning off JIT reduces surface attackand effectively complicate malicious web to send malware.

In addition to disabling JIT, Enhanced Security (formerly Super-Duper Secure Mode), this feature also implements additional protective measures, such as Hardware Enforced Stack Protection, Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG), and Control Flow Guard (CFG).

Great, right?, so make sure you activate this feature, guys, regardless of which Chromium browser you use.

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