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Rumors often mention that Xiaomi is in a long-term partnership with Leica and this is proven true, because in July there will be a cellphone flagship belongs to Xiaomi that uses the lens as well as support software from Leica.

Then, what is the fate of Huawei?

Initially, many thought that their relationship would be fine. However, today DroidPoin received surprising news which stated that the cooperation between Huawei and Leica that had existed since 2016 — when it released the Huawei P9 phone, it was confirmed that it had ended on March 31, thus the Huawei P50 phone was the last phone to be released. is the result of a collaboration between Huawei and Leica.

As additional information for you, kThe partnership that exists between the two is able to boost Huawei’s face in the market global smartphoneespecially in the camera sector. However, Huawei was hit by a disaster in 2019, where they had to be blacklisted by companies in the United States, so that since then Huawei’s ability to deliver the best camera phones as before has failed miserably.

DroidPoin has not received information whether the two will work together again in the future or not. However, as long as Huawei is still suffering from sanctions from the United States, this is likely to be difficult to achieve, even if Huawei tries other alternatives such as cooperating with brand others like Zeiss or Hasselblad.

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