Connectivity is one of the most important factors when choosing a laptop. Laptops with connectivity features that are less than capable, especially if they don’t suit your needs, will certainly hamper productivity. Not only does it hinder activities, poor connectivity on a laptop can make it difficult for you to do your daily activities.

For most users, WiFi is a must-have feature on a modern laptop. This is because WiFi is the most practical way for a laptop to connect to an intranet or internet network. WiFi does not require cables and it is very easy for users to connect their laptops with available WiFi networks.

Unfortunately, not all places provide a WiFi network. Even in places that provide a WiFi network, there are still points where the WiFi signal cannot or is difficult to receive by the laptop. Then what if you are in a situation without WiFi network access? Of course, there is nothing wrong with relying on other communication networks such as the 4G LTE cellular network which is already widespread throughout Indonesia.

There are various ways that laptops can connect to cellular networks, one of the most popular is through the tethering method, which is using the smartphone as an “antenna and modem” so that the laptop can connect to the internet via a 4G LTE cellular network. Tethering can be done using the mobile hotspot feature on a smartphone or using a data cable directly. The drawback is that the tethering process requires extra power so that the smartphone runs out of battery more easily. The solution? Of course, using a laptop that is able to connect to a 4G LTE cellular network directly, such as the ASUS ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402).

At first glance, the ASUS ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) does look like a convertible laptop in general. But if you look at it better, this laptop has some physical differences and features compared to its competitors. Anything? Let’s discuss.

Super Complete Connectivity with 4G LTE Support

If you look at the side of this laptop, you will find a SIM card slot like the smartphones we use every day. The combo SIM card slot which also functions as a MicroSD card reader can accommodate a nano-sized SIM card that supports 4G LTE networks. Yes, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is equipped with an antenna and an internal 4G LTE modem so that this laptop can directly connect to the 4G LTE network.

The setting is also very easy. Just plug the SIM card in the slot provided and the laptop can be directly connected to the 4G LTE network. Not only that, this laptop is also equipped with a hotspot feature so that it can share its 4G LTE connection to other devices via WiFi.

In addition to being able to connect to the 4G LTE network, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is also equipped with other very capable connectivity options. This laptop is equipped with WiFi 6, which is the latest generation of WiFi technology that offers better connectivity than the previous generation. ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is also very friendly for enterprises that still rely on a wired network to connect to the intranet because it is equipped with an ethernet port (LAN) that has a unique MAC address for each laptop.

Other connectivity options include a USB Type-A port, USB Type-C with Thunderbolt 4 that supports DisplayPort and USB Power Delivery, to HDMI to make it easier for users to connect to a monitor or projector. Not to mention Bluetooth which can also be used to connect various accessories or external devices wirelessly. All of this connectivity can make it easier for ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) users.

Comes with Stylus and Second Camera

ASUS ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is a convertible laptop. This means that the screen can be rotated 360 degrees and can be used like a tablet and of course this laptop is equipped with a touch screen. In order to maximize the experience of using the touch screen, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is equipped with a stylus that can be stored in a special compartment on the body of this laptop.

Unlike Windows-based laptop styluses in general, which require you to replace the battery or periodically recharge the stylus using an external charger, the stylus on the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is automatically charged when stored in its special compartment. The charging time is also very fast. The Stylus ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) can be used for 45 minutes with a charging time of only 15 seconds.

Not just a stylus, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) also comes with input facilities that are not available on laptops in general, namely NumberPad 2.0. This feature that is integrated with the touchpad on the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) allows you to use the touchpad as a numpad only by going through a special button on the touchpad surface.

The ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is a laptop with a 14-inch screen that doesn’t allow it to come with a physical numpad button. Numberpad is a solution that allows ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) users who depend a lot on the presence of the numpad in their daily activities.

Another feature that is no less interesting in the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is the presence of a second camera. The camera, dubbed the World Facing Camera, is intentionally placed right in line with the keyboard and facing up when the laptop is used in standard clamshell mode. However, when used in tent or tablet mode, the camera functions like the main camera on a smartphone because of its position behind the laptop screen.

The World Facing Camera also uses a better camera module with a 13MP resolution sensor. This special camera with unique placement makes the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) even more flexible and can be used in many activities such as teaching and learning activities where students can record or take pictures of the whiteboard directly from their seats, or be used to display augmented reality content.

Protects You from Bacteria and Blue Light Radiation

ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is not just a laptop that can support your productivity, but can also protect you from bacteria and blue light radiation that can damage your eyes. Both have been integrated with the features in the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402).

An anti-bacterial coating has been installed on the body that is parallel to the keyboard on the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402). The anti-bacterial coating is made of a special material that can inhibit the growth of bacteria up to 99%. ASUS put an anti-bacterial layer around the keyboard is not without reason. This part is the part of the body that is most frequently touched by the user. No half-hearted, the use of this anti-bacterial coating has also been scientifically tested with ISO 22196 and JIS Z 2801 standards.

Not only equipped with an anti-bacterial coating, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) also uses a special screen that can protect the eyes from exposure to blue light radiation that can damage eye health in the long run. In contrast to laptop screens in general, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) screen has a 70% lower level of blue light radiation exposure thanks to the Eye Care feature. The feature, which has received a low-blue light certification from TUV Rheinland, ensures that your eye health remains prime even if you use the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) for a long period of time.

Agile with Modern Hardware

ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is a modern laptop which of course is equipped with modern hardware and specifications. This laptop has been equipped with an 11th Gen Intel Core CPU with the highest series using an Intel Core i7-1165G7. The CPU which has a configuration of 4 cores and 8 threads is already very capable to support daily computing needs. Moreover, the CPU is also equipped with an integrated GPU Intel Iris Xe Graphics.

Unlike the previous generation of integrated GPUs, Intel Iris Xᵉ Graphics offers better graphics processing and calculation performance. Interestingly, the increase in performance that is presented is also accompanied by better efficiency in using power, making the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) able to last longer without having to be connected to a power source.

The performance of the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is getting more nimble thanks to the use of storage media in the form of NVMe PCIe SSD 3.0. Its multitasking ability is also very capable because it has been equipped with 3200MHz DDR4 RAM with a capacity that can be upgraded up to 48GB. You don’t have to worry about running out of memory while working on this laptop.

For more details, here are the benchmark results of the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402):

Safe and Tough

Not only does it have agile performance and is equipped with exclusive features that are not found in other business laptops, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is also designed to always be reliable. ASUS ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is a laptop with enterprise-class security both in terms of software and hardware.

As a business class laptop, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is certainly equipped with a TPM 2.0 module to protect user data. In addition, this laptop is also equipped with a fingerprint reader which not only makes it easier for you to log into Windows, but also prevents others from knowing your password.

Privacy features are also available on this laptop, such as a webcam shield that can physically close the webcam so it is safe from espionage threats, to a secure file shredder that ensures data can be completely deleted and cannot be recovered. Both are very important features for business people who must always ensure that their data can only be accessed by the right people.

In addition to privacy and data protection, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) also offers physical protection. The entire body of the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is designed in such a way that it can always be relied on. The ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) already has a US military-standard endurance certification (MIL STD-810H). This means that this laptop has successfully passed various extreme tests and is able to operate in almost all conditions.

The ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) also has a special protection system in various parts of its body. This laptop keyboard is equipped with an anti-spill feature, so it remains safe even when exposed to water spills. All ports also come with a special retaining structure so as to minimize physical damage. And lastly, the body of this laptop is reinforced with a special frame that is very tough so that it is still safe to carry around.

Who is ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) for?

The final question that needs to be answered is who is the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) really for? Looking at the specifications, features, and advantages offered, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is perfect for users with high mobility. This is reflected in the presence of 4G LTE connectivity features that have been integrated into this laptop.

In addition, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is also very suitable for students, lecturers, teachers, and academics who need a laptop that is always reliable. The presence of a second camera and stylus will also make it easier for them to record, take pictures, while writing notes directly using this laptop.

Finally, the ExpertBook B3 Flip (B3402) is the most appropriate laptop for those of you who need a convertible laptop that is durable and has the most complete connectivity.


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