Starting in June 2022, Microsoft was recently reported to be making a file and note sharing service for Microsoft Edge Chromium called Drops.

Regarding this feature, it is reported that the data that users share via the Drop service will be synced across all of your Microsoft Edge, regardless of the platform, be it Windows, Linux, Mac and Mobile Android and iOS though. For example. notes loaded in Windows will be available on other Windows devices, along with Edge on Linux and Android as long as those browsers are running under the same Microsoft account.

Even so, there has been no official announcement from Microsoft regarding this feature, but for selected users of Edge Chromium Canary in the United States, this feature can already be used.

From that many features and technology used, maybe drop it uses the same technology that Microsoft uses to sync preferences, cookies, history and passwords in Microsoft Edge.

Image via : Neowin

Well, it looks more or less like in the picture above, and I think this feature is similar to the features that are present in the Opera Browser (Opera Flow), and to be honest this feature will be very useful for Edge Chromium users who have multiple devices.

In addition, the menu Drop which will appear on this Toolbar itself can be active and disabled on the page Settings > Appearance.

This feature itself is expected to be present in the next few months, and although there is no official information from Microsoft, hopefully this feature will bring many benefits to Microsoft Edge Chromium users.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : Neowin

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