Last December 2022, Google announced that they would change the release schedule for Google Chrome 110, where apart from the Beta release which is planned to be present on January 12, 2023, Google will also release a new version. early stable one week before the official launch of Google Chrome 110.

“We are making a change to the release schedule for Chrome. From Chrome 110, the initial release date to stable will be one week earlier. This early stable version will be released to a small percentage of users, with the majority of people getting the release a week later at the normal scheduled date, this will also be the date the new version is available from the Chrome download page.” Reveal Google

Now regarding this, today is exactly one week before the official launch of Google Chrome 110 which is planned to be present next week on February 7 2023, Google has released early stable for Google Chrome 110 for a select few users.

So with that said, those of you who are lucky may have got the current version of Google Chrome 110 on your device, all you need to do is just check the browser version via the page chrome://settings/help.

Updates early stable this is basically the version that was planned to be present at the official release, but it seems that Google wants users to be able to try the version first before the automatic launch for all users on the day they have specified, of course they hope that users give feedback in case of finding bugs and problems that exist in the version early stable this.

Coincidentally, I didn’t get the version early stable from this Google Chrome, did you get it guys? comment below.

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