GIMP, an alternative application to Adobe Photoshop, and if you are a Linux user or lover of open source applications, you may already know this application, because GIMP provides features similar to Adobe Photoshop as a Photo Editor and Photo Manipulation application.

Now regarding GIMP, it was recently reported that GIMP is now available on the Microsoft Store, where the version presented itself is GIMP 2.10.32.

Even so, GIMP reminds users about the version that is present in the Microsoft Store, because as we know, there is a paid version of GIMP distributed by lockie studioand GIMP confirmed their original version only distributed via Microsoft Store link following.

“You might see other “GIMP” on the Microsoft Store, so you must be careful. For the official package, make sure you use the link we provide” Reveal GIMP

Well a little information, in the coming months, because Microsoft has improved the Security of Buying and Selling Apps on the Microsoft Storemaybe paid GIMP that is not Official will be removed, because again, the original GIMP is not for sale, in other words it’s free because it’s Open Source.

Interested in downloading and using GIMP? please go to the Microsoft Store link following.

Via : GIMP


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