Microsoft doesn’t seem to stop providing a number of new features for Microsoft Edge Chromium, because recently Microsoft Edge Canary users seem to get three new features that may have pros and cons depending on user needs.

First, Microsoft Edge Canary now gets the Calculator feature, where we no longer need to explain what its function is for.

In addition, the second is an Internet Speed ​​Tester which functions to test internet speed and the third is a Unit Converter which we will use to change the size of Cm to M and so on.

As previously stated, unfortunately these three features are not needed by everyone, so of course this has received a lot of criticism from users.

Some people even refer to Microsoft Edge as Edge OS because it has a lot of features.

So what do you think?, btw, for now this feature is still experimental and only selected Insider users get it, but don’t forget to give your opinion below, guys.

Via : Neowin

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