The Windows Registry stores some of the most important files for Windows and its applications. However, there are times when you need to make changes to the Registry for troubleshooting purposes and if you are not careful, then you can cause permanent damage to the PC system.

Therefore, at this opportunity, WinPoin will tell you how to back up Registry files in Windows 11/10.

There are several ways to back up Registry files, you can make a backup using Registry Editor or using System Restore. So, for those who are already curious, just follow these steps:

1. Backing up with Registry Editor

  • Open Windows Search, then type Registry Editor and click Run as administrator.
  • Next, click the file menu at the top and select Export.
  • Type an appropriate name for the file and select a save location.
  • If so, select the All option and press Save.
  • Wait a few seconds and a backup file will be created on your PC.

2. Backing up with System Restore

The method above is quite easy, but there is an even easier method, namely by using using System Restore on Windows to create a backup registry file. This can also be useful when your Windows has failed to boot and you want to restore the system as before.

  • Open the Start menu, type create a restore point and press Enter.
  • Next select your system drive and then click Configure.
  • Just select the option ”Turn on system protection’ under Restore Settings. Press Apply followed by OK.
  • Next, click Create.
  • Enter the appropriate name and press Create again.

How, very easy is not it?


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