7-Zip, one of my favorite applications as a replacement for WinRAR, I like 7-Zip because 7-Zip is completely free.

Well after a long time in development, finally the new version of 7-Zip is ready to be released, where the version that is presented this time is version 22.00, of course there are many improvements that are presented in this version, one of which is the ability to APFS (Apple File System) Image , and several other important abilities.

If you’re curious, here is the 7-Zip 22.00 changelog:

  • 7-Zip can now extract APFS (Apple File System) images that can be used in DMG files.
  • 7-Zip can now create TAR archives in POSIX (pax) tar format with the -ttar -mm=pax or -ttar -mm=posix switches
  • 7-Zip can now store additional file timestamps with high precision (1 ns in Linux) in tar/pax archives with the following switches: -ttar -mm=pax -mtp=3 -mtc -mta
  • New switches for the Linux version for TAR archives: -snoi : saves owner/group ids in the archive or puts owner/group ids from the archive into the extracted files. -snon : stores owner/group names in the archive
  • New -snz switch to pass Zone.Identifier stream to extracted files (Windows).
  • New option “Propagate Zone.Id Stream” in the Tools/Options/7-Zip menu.
  • New “Options” window in “Add to Archive” allows to select the metadata to be included in the archive. It also allows selecting the new option “Do not change the last access time of the source files”.
  • Some bugs have been corrected.

Immediately, if you are interested in trying 7-Zip or updating it if you were previously a user of this application, you can download 7-Zip on the page following.

7-Zip itself is available in several versions, including x86, x64 and ARM versions if you are a Windows 10 on ARM user.

Via : DeskModder

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