Bing Chat has been getting more and more new features in its development in the last few weeks, after the chat limit has now been increased to 100 chats in 8 sessions, reportedly Bing Chat can now create ASCII Artwork and even play Chess against users.

For ASCII Artwork itself, Bing Chat can be made if the user asks AI to draw something, and of course, even though the image created is not a complicated image and is only a text-based image, this is an interesting thing and adds to the role and capabilities of Bing Chat itself.

As in the picture above, it is an example of ASCII Artwork made by Bing Chat, in the future Bing Chat may get the ability to generate images, but let’s see how this AI develops in the future.

Apart from that, Bing Chat can also play chess, even though the game presented is not like playing ordinary chess but only in the form of text, but for you true chess players maybe Bing Chat can be an interesting opponent.

Regarding the increasingly sophisticated capabilities of Bing Chat, of course Microsoft is trying hard so that Bing Chat really becomes something new and changes the flow of the game that was previously held by Google, especially in terms of search engines, considering that Google itself still seems not ready for Bard which will be a rival to Bing Chat because after failing before, now it seems that Google is appointing Bard as a creative companion and not focusing more on search engines.

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So what do you think about the two Bing Chat capabilities that recently arrived? Do you like it? comment below guys.

via: Neowin


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