Xiaomi recently introduced a 2 in 1 device called the Book S 12.4, this new device is the first 2 in 1 tablet from Xiaomi that runs the Windows 11 operating system.

In terms of specifications, this device is powered by a 7nm octa-core 8cx Gen 2 napdragon and runs Windows 11 on ARM, and based on Qualcomm claims, this chip has performance equivalent to a 10th generation Intel Core i5. And interestingly with Windows 11 on ARM support, users will be able to run non-ARM desktop applications via the integrated X86-64 emulator.

Meanwhile, the RAM capacity itself is around 8GB LPDDR4x with 256GB of internal storage, for normal use, the RAM and Storage capacity is sufficient, but unfortunately if it’s lacking, there is no option to upgrade.

For other specification information, the Book S 12.4 will carry a 12.35″ screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600px and an aspect ratio of 16:10, besides that the screen itself supports brightness of up to 500 nits with a color gamut of 100% DCI – P3, with the specifications given. , Xiaomi claims that the Book S 12.4 battery can last up to 13 hours 24 minutes even with a 38Wh battery size.

As for connectivity, the Book S 12.4 only supports Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.1, although that’s enough, unfortunately this device doesn’t get the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity support.

For the ports presented, there is one USB-C, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and one MicroSD slot, interestingly you can use the USB-C to connect to an External Display.

For the price itself, because this device has just officially arrived in Europe, the price of the Xiaomi Book S 12.4 is priced at around EUR 699 or around Rp. 11 million. Meanwhile, if the Xiaomi Book S 12.4 is purchased together with the keyboard cover package, the price will be EUR (Rp 12.5 million), for the Xiaomi SmartPen stylus which is unfortunately sold separately for EUR 99.99 (Rp 1.5 million).

If it is calculated, the Xiaomi Book S 12.4 is complete with the Keyboard Cover and Stylus, then the Xiaomi Book S 12.4 is priced at Rp. 14 million.

The Xiaomi Book S 12.4 itself is planned to be available globally, but there is no information on when it will be available in the Indonesian Region, are you interested in buying it? comment below guys.


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