Previously Firefox users report complaints about the Mozilla VPN service, where when users are browsing, advertisements pop up fullscreen from Mozilla VPN, it appears randomly and users find it difficult to get rid of it.

The report quickly lands on the Bugzilla page as part of the issue, only that the reported issue is closed with a tag confirming that behavior of the ad is working as it should.

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But even so, Mozilla also confirmed that advertisements have been disabled from the browser, where users can reactivate these advertisements if they are interested via the page about:config with description: browser. vpn_promo. enabled.

Mozilla’s move is of course very good because advertising is something users don’t like enough, and although reportedly these ads can be prevented if users use adblocker, but ads cannot be removed from the page presented by the browser itself (for example on the settings page).

"Kami terus bekerja untuk memahami cara terbaik untuk berkomunikasi dengan orang-orang yang menggunakan Firefox. Pada akhirnya, kami mencapai kebalikan dari apa yang kami maksudkan dalam percobaan ini dan dengan cepat mengembalikan pengalaman. Kami mohon maaf atas kebingungan atau kekhawatiran apa pun." ungkap Mozilla

Now, with this change, users no longer need to worry about getting ads Mozilla VPN which randomly appears on the Mozilla Firefox browser that the user is using.

Have you ever seen this ad? comment below guys.

via: Bleeping Computer


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