A number of recent changes Microsoft announced in Outlook on both Android and iOS, which have been described in Roadmaps Their Microsoft 365. And what we will probably see in the next two months, especially for iOS users, is that the Navigation bar in Outlook starting in March will change.

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Even though it hasn’t been explained what the changes will be like, this is an interesting thing considering that as stated in the announcement, this will make it easier for users to search for contacts, files and others, and users can even customize the navigation bar.

In addition, there will also be floatong actions that users can use to create new items more easily, and of course this will really help users to be able to navigate quickly in Microsoft Outlook on iOS.

Now, for more details, maybe we just have to wait until this feature is finally released a few months later, considering that we currently don’t get an idea of ​​what these interesting changes will be like.

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