Yesterday, Microsoft has released cumulative update in December 2022 for Windows 10 users, unfortunately not much information has been announced on the changelog page.

But friends, regarding this update, some time ago, Microsoft updated the Windows 10 Health Dashboard page by adding the following known issues:

“Taskbar elements might flicker and cause device instability” wrote Microsoft.

Users may experience this problem in Windows 10 Build 19045.2130, where a number of features in Windows including File Explorer may stop working. Here are the problems that users might get:

  • ​The Weather or News and Interests widget or icons flicker on the Windows taskbar
  • ​The Windows taskbar stops responding
  • Windows Explorer stops responding
  • ​Applications including Microsoft Word or Excel might stop responding if they are open when the issue occurs

For this problem, maybe Microsoft will fix it via Known Issues Rollback, but for now the status of this bug is still deep investigation and no improvement has been presented yet.

So, have you encountered this problem? comment below guys.

via: Microsoft


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