While the popularity of ChatGPT is currently on the rise, it turns out that Baidu is rumored to be launching its own version of ChatBot to compete with ChatGPT.

Quoted from the page Bloombergreportedly Baidu will introduce their own ChatBot in March 2023, where the ChatBot will be embedded into the service main quest Baidu, in other words, users can immediately get search results in a conversational style like in ChatGPT.

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Well reportedly too, to expedite this development process, Baidu is reported to have invested billions of dollars in ernie system, a large-scale AI model that Baidu has been developing over the past few years, with that technology, it will form the basis of the ChatGPT-like platform.

At a glance regarding Baidu, even though Baidu is not very popular among users, because it is unable to compete with Google and even Bing, in China, Baidu has a lot of active users of the platform.

Curious about Baidu-style ChatGPT? We’ll wait for March, guys.

via: Reuters, Bloomberg, Neowin

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